Freshers Vs Repeaters in SSB Interview

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : March 22nd, 2021

It is observed that several candidates are confused about the category in which they fall while they go for the SSB. Although many do aware that what their category is yet they are unclear on some of the other aspects of their category. Hence, we try to clear all your doubts regarding the same confusion below.

Following below are different categories in SSB Interview



Fresher Candidate at SSB

When one says that he/she is a fresher it means one has never been through the process of SSB. Here one thing to note is that when an aspirant is a fresher then it means that one has never visited any board ever. That means the candidate never been to any of the SSB of the Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard. When a candidate is a fresher he or she is asked & grouped separately in a different group which generally comprises of all fresher candidates, however, at times he or she might group with repeaters also but this is very rare & happens only when there are not enough fresher aspirants to make a group.

Screen Out Candidate at SSB

This particular category is for those aspirants who have been to the SSB previously for any of the four services & were eliminated after Stage-1 testing itself. Only those particular candidates who were eliminated in Stage-1 and have never been through Stage-2 testing are known as the screen out candidates. These candidates are grouped in a separate group at the time of stage-1 testing in which only screened out aspirants are placed. However, once the screened out aspirant clears the stage one testing he or she might be placed with the fresher’s only for Stage-2 testing as they are also new to the Stage-2 testing just like fresher’s.

Not Recommended Candidates at SSB

Here one point to note is that in the SSB they prefer calling not recommended instead of the conference out. This particular category of those candidates who cleared Stage-1 and have been through Stage-2 testing but couldn’t make it to the final recommendation. Therefore, they have been through the six-day procedure & were not selected in the end. These aspirants are usually placed in a separate group. One will be known as a not recommended candidate even if he or she is going for a service for the first time but have been to any other service’s SSB before & have been through Stage-2.

Recommended Candidate at SSB

These particular candidates are those who have been through Stage-1, Stage-2 testing & were recommended by the board. One will be placed with the not recommended candidates only.

Merit out Candidate at SSB

These categories candidates are those who were recommended but couldn’t qualify it in the final all India merit & thus could not join the course for which they were recommended. They are even placed with the not recommended aspirants.

Apart from the above categories, there are a few others also:

  • Once the candidate has been through Stage-2 testing, he or she is known as a repeater. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that the candidate is not recommended, recommended/merit out, one will be termed as a repeater only.
  • If a candidate has been through Stage-2 testing but in his or her previous attempt he or she was screened out, then to one will be placed with repeaters & NOT with the screened out candidates.


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