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By Naveen Singh|Updated : September 16th, 2021

Hello aspirants,

One of the most important parts is clearing the cut off which sometimes becomes crucial for candidates appearing in exams. Many Defence Exams such as CDS, CAPF, Air Force Group X & Y given a significant weightage to the General Knowledge section. General Knowledge consists of Topics from History, Geography, General Science, Polity, Economics, and Current Affairs.   

Hello aspirants,

One of the most important parts is clearing the cut off which sometimes becomes crucial for candidates appearing in exams. Many Defence Exams such as CDS, CAPF, Air Force Group X & Y given a significant weightage to the General Knowledge section. General Knowledge consists of Topics from History, Geography, General Science, Polity, Economics, and Current Affairs.   

To assist the students and boost their preparation, we are here with PDF notes on Famous Temples and their location which will not only help you guys but also give an idea of what to study for the exam. There are also some important questions in the end that have been previously asked in exams. This would give you an idea about what type of question can be asked in the exam. 

Famous Temples of India


Famous Temple


Nearest River/Lake


Badrinath Temple

Badrinath, Uttarakhand

Alaknanda River


Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand

Mandakini River


Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Ganga River


Golden Temple

Amritsar, Punjab

Ravi River


Amarnath Temple

Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Amaravati River


Vaishno Devi Temple

Jammu & Kashmir

Devika River


Akshardham Temple

New Delhi

Yamuna River


Konark Sun Temple

Konark, Odisha

Chandrabhaga River


Brihadeeswara Temple

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Kollidam River


Lingaraj Temple

Bhubaneshwar, Odisha



Somnath Temple

Saurashtra, Gujarat



Jagannath Temple

Puri, Odisha

Chilika Lake


Kamakhya Temple

Guwahati, Assam

Brahmaputra River


Shani Shingnapur Temple

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra



Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shirdi, Maharashtra



Dilwara Temples

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Banas River


Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh



Tirupati Balaji Temple (Tirumala Venkateshwara)

Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh

Pushkarini River


Virupaksha Temple (Pampapathi temple)

Hampi, Karnataka

Tungabhadra River


Siddhivinayak Temple-(Dedicated to Lord Ganesha)

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bhima River


Meenakshi Temple

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Vaigai River


Vitthala Temple

Hampi, Karnataka

Tungabhadra River


Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu



Airavateswara Temple

Darasuram, Tamil Nadu

Kollidam River


Sanchi Stupa

Raisen, Madhya Pradesh



Yamunotri Temple

Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Yamunotri River


Bahai Temple

New Delhi



Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala



Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Kolkata, West Bengal

Hooghly River


Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

Madhya Pradesh



Gomateshwara Bahubali Temple

Hassan district, Karnataka



Nataraja Temple

Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu



Sabarimala Temple

‎Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Pamba River


Mahakaleshwar Temple

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Shipra River


Dwarkadhish temple

Dwarka, Gujarat

Gomti River


Some Important Questions asked in previous exams:

1. Chalukya temples (Jain temples) at Dilwara are situated in

  1. Madhya Pradesh 
  2. Uttar Pradesh 
  3. Rajasthan 
  4. Haryana 

2. Match the following. 
List - I 
1) Kailashnath Temple
2) Meenakshi Temple
3) Lingaraj Temple
4) Shore Temple 
List - II 
A) Madurai 
B) Kanchipuram 
C) Mahabalipuram 
D) Bhubaneshwar

  1. 1 - A , 2 - B , 3 - D, 4 - C 
  2. 1 - D , 2 - A , 3 - B, 4 - C 
  3. 1 - B , 2 - A , 3 - D, 4 - C 
  4. 1 - B , 2 - C , 3 - D, 4 - A 

3. Konark Temple is located in

  1. Rajasthan 
  2. Madhya Pradesh 
  3. Orissa
  4. Tamil Nadu 

4. Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located?

  1. Bhadrachalam 
  2. Chidambaram 
  3. Hampi 
  4. Srikalahasti 

5.Vadakkunnathan Temple is located in Kerala at __?

  1. Trivandrum 
  2. Kozhikode 
  3. Thrissur 
  4. Vellayani 

6.The Ranganatha Temple is situated at

  1. Tirupati
  2. Chennai
  3. Srirangam
  4. Kanchipuram

7. The famous Brihadeshwara Temple is located in

  1. Madurai
  2. Thanjavur
  3. Kanchipuram
  4. Rameshwaram

8. The famous Kamakhya Temple is situated in

  1. Assam
  2. Meghalaya
  3. Mizoram
  4. Manipur

9. Khajuraho temples are located in ______ district.

  1. Mandla
  2. Chhatarpur 
  3. Balaghat
  4. Rewa 

10.Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists: 
List-I (Temple) 
a) Virupaksha temple 
b) Natraj Temple 
c) LadKhan Temple 
d) Ratha Temples 
List-II (Location) 
1- Chidambaram 
2- Hampi 
3- Mahabalipuram 
4- Aihole

  1. a-2 b-1 c-3 d-4 
  2. a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4 
  3. a-2 b-1 c-4 d-3 
  4. a-1 b-2 c-4 d-3 




  1. Ans. C. 

Chalukya Temples are situated at Dilwara in Rajasthan. These Jain temples at Dilwara are located about 2.5 kilometres from Mount Abu- Rajasthan's only hill station. These temples were built between the 11th and 13th centuries AD and are world famous for their stunning use of marble.

  1. Ans. C. 

The Kailasanath temple is one of the most ancient architecture in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The temple is built under the Dravidian style of architecture. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Meenakshi Temple is also called as Meenakshi Amman or Minakshi-Sundareshwara Temple, is situated on the southern bank of the Vaigai River in the temple city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Lingaraja Temple is in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is the largest temple in Bhubaneshwar and also one of the oldest. It is believed that the temple was built by Somavanshi Kings. This temple is a perfect blend of Kalinga Architecture and Medieval era's style of construction.
Shore Temple is a standing testimonial to the regal heritage of India. Located at Mahabalipuram. Built in the 7th century, Shore Temple depicts the royal taste of Pallava dynasty. During the reign of Rajasimha, the temple saw its construction when Pallava art was at its apex. Ravaged by wind and sea, the temple has witnessed the historical events of India. This work of genius was recognized and listed amongst the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

  1. Ans. C. 

Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century AD Sun Temple at Konark in Odisha, India. It is believed that the temple was built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty in 1255 AD.

  1. Ans. C. 

Virupaksha Temple is located in Hampi which is 350 km from Bangalore, in state of Karnataka in southern India, so option © is correct.

  1. Ans. C. 

India won the top UNESCO prize ‘Award of Excellence’ 2015 for the remarkable conservation efforts of the majestic Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple at Thrissur, Kerala.

  1. Ans. C. 

The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple or Thiruvarangam is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of the Hindu deity Vishnu, located in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Constructed in the Tamil style of architecture, this temple is glorified in the Thiviya Pirabandham, the early medieval Tamil literature canon of the Alvar saints from the 6th to 9th centuries AD and is counted among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Vishnu. The temple follows the Thenkalai tradition of worship.

  1. Ans. B. 
  • Brihadeshwara Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • It is located in Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  1. Ans. A. 

Kamkhya temple is located in Assam. 
•It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya. 
•It has Nilachal type of architecture.

  1. Ans. B. 

The temple of Khajuraho is located in Chhattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. They were built by Chandel kings in 950-1050 AD.

  1. Ans. C. 

* Ratha temples or Pancha Ratha of Mahabalipuram: Also known as Pandava Rathas, they are the earliest rock-cut temples in India, comprising of Dharmaraja Ratha, Bhima Ratha, Arjuna Ratha, Nakula and Sahadeva Ratha, and Draupadi Ratha, dated around 7th century AD. 
* Ladkhan temple at Aihole is a Vesara Style temple. 
* Virupaksha Temple at Hampi was patronaged by the Vijayanagar rulers. 
* The Natraj temple at Chidambaram houses Shiva in cosmic dance form.

 Below is the Free PDF both in Hindi & English for the same:

Defence Notes: Famous Temples in India (English PDF)

रक्षा परीक्षा नोट्स: भारत में प्रसिद्ध मंदिर (हिंदी PDF)

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