Electrical Machines

By : Yash Bansal

Electrical Machines works on the principle of Electromechanical Energy Conversion which means the Electrical Energy is converted to mechanical & vice versa. The Electrical Machines are categorised into the following categories i.e Electrical Transformer, A.C Machines & Induction Machines, Fractional Kilowatt Motors, DC Machines.

This subject holds a weightage of 12-13 marks which makes it really important for GATE & other EE exams. To make it easier for your preparation we have listed down the best books, preparation tips, notes and study material required for Electrical Machines for upcoming for GATE, ESE (IES), ISRO and other EE exams.

Electrical MachinesBest Books for Electrical Machines
Important Topics for Electrical Machines
Important Formulas for Electrical Machines
Weighatge Analysis for Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines Notes for Electrical Engineering

Synchronous Machines
D.C. Machines
Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles
Three Phase Induction Machines
Single Phase Motors
Electrical Machines