Trigonometry for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 3, 2020, 22:50

Trigonometry is a prominent branch of Mathematics that was created by the Greek mathematician Hipparchus. Through this branch of Mathematics, individuals can learn about angles and distances. To further add to the definition of Trigonometry, we can also say that Trigonometry helps to find the missing angles and sides of a triangle with the help of rations or degrees.

Students preparing for defence exams like NDA & NA, CDS, CAPF, AFCAT, IAF, & ICG must prepare this section for entrance exams thoroughly. Complete knowledge of a specific trigonometry syllabus for defence exams can be very useful for candidates appearing for such exams. 

Important Trigonometry Topics For Defence Exams



Angle Measurement

To measure the missing angle, good command over basics related to degrees, radians, and unit circle is required. Many Trigonometry questions for defence exams are based on this basic knowledge.

Trigonometric Functions

Definition of Trigonometric ratios and functions used to find angles & distances. Helps in finding the value of trigonometric function given angle measure and also for measuring missing side length given angle measure.   

Identities Of Trigonometric Functions

Understanding the usage of fundamental identities, sum and difference formulas, double and half-angle formulas, product to sum formulas, sum to product formulas, and laws of sines & cosines. 

Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions

Plotting of sine, cosine, and tangent function graph and understanding of key features of sine, cosine, and tangent function.

Euler’s Formula

Problem-solving through the usage of Euler’s Formula. A formula that helps to establish a fundamental relationship between the Trigonometric functions and the complex exponential function. 

Tips To Solve Trigonometry Problems For Defence Exams

1- Always begin from the more complex side of the equation: In every Trigonometry practice quiz you solve, start by simplifying the more complex side of the equation, as It helps to find the answer quickly. Among all Trigonometry tricks and tips for defence exams, this is the one that saves maximum time. 

2- Simplify the equation into Sine & Cosine: Every time you solve Trigonometry practice questions, convert the equation in terms of sine and cosine to simplify the equation. This trick helps to solve questions easily during defence exams. 

3- Combine terms into a single equation: When there are two terms on one side of the equation and one on another, get the single term to the other side. This trick helps to make an equation simple. 

4- Know the usage of the addition formula: Trigonometric expression formula helps to simplify an equation. With the correct usage of the addition formula, an equation can be simplified easily.

Importance of Trigonometry Section in Defence Exams 

The four major reasons why we suggest that the Trigonometry section is important in defence exams are:

1- Every defence exam contains questions related to Trigonometry. The number of questions is also significant. Candidates appearing for the defence exams must not leave this section. Taking Trigonometry online tests for defence exams is advised to get a clearer idea of the exam.

2- The weightage of Trigonometry questions is also high in defence exams. These points are very valuable to the total score. Every Trigonometry practice quiz contains a section of Trigonometry questions; appearing for such quizzes is advised. 

3- Trigonometry is relatively tough. This is one reason why candidates appearing for defence exams must pay extra attention to this section during preparations. If prepared well, this section can fetch good marks. 

4- Lastly, solving Trigonometry questions takes time. Candidates must practice well to ensure saving of time during the final exam. 

Recommended Books for Trigonometry For Defence Exams

The best way to prepare for Trigonometry is through the right set of books. The two books we recommend are: 

Book Name


Lucent’s Higher Mathematics Part 2

Rishikesh Kumar

Kiran’s SSC Mathematics – Algebra, Trigonometry, geometry, and mensuration

Think tank of Kiran publications

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Trigonometry Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are the basic trigonometric ratios?

The six Trigonometric ratios--, sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant and cotangent-- forms the basics of Trigonometry. 

2- What are the applications of Trigonometry in real life?

The usage of Trigonometry and its formulas in real life is related to any field where height & distance calculations are required. 

3- Who is the father of Trigonometry?

Hipparchus of Nicaea is considered as the father of Trigonometry. 

4- Is Trigonometry part of the syllabus for defence exams in India?

Yes, Trigonometry is a part of the syllabus for all defence entrance exams in India.