Reading Ability for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 3, 2020, 22:56

Reading Ability is one of the most important sections, which is regularly asked in defence exams. Reading ability questions for defence are multidisciplinary. They form a critical part of a student’s thinking and analyzing ability. There is no clear reading ability definition. The reading ability practice set has questions divided into two major sections – reading and comprehension. Many students find it quite difficult and tricky, but with little knowledge and attention, these questions can be easily solved. With regular practice, 100% accuracy can be achieved in this section. 

Some of the most important defence exams where these questions are regularly asked are – Indian Coast Guard, Indian Air Force Group X &Y, Air Force Common Admission Test, Central Armed Police Forces, Combined Defence Services, and UPSC NDA

Important Reading Ability Topics For Defence Exams




This signifies the paragraph given in the question. A student should not only read this paragraph but also understand it thoroughly.


This signifies the understanding that the students have after reading the paragraph given in the questions. This understanding should directly be derived from the paragraph and nothing else.

Tips to Prepare Reading Ability Questions For Defence Exams

  • The paragraph must be read thoroughly while solving reading ability practice questions. You don’t need to understand the meaning of every word and every line. Just make sure that you grasp the entire idea.
  • One of the most important reading ability tricks and tips for defence exams is that you must read with pauses in between. Give some time where you are not clear about the idea. Make sure that you read it again and get a rough idea of the same. 
  • While solving reading ability practice problems pdf, don’t forget to make reading ability notes for defence exams. While solving the reading ability quiz for defence exams, make sure that you first read all the answers, and then choose the correct one. 

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 Importance of Reading Ability in English Section of Defence Exams 

  • Reading ability practice quiz helps develop analytical and critical thinking among the students. 
  • While you are going through the reading ability study material pdf, you will realize that the speed of understanding and your thought process has also accelerated with time. 
  • Reading ability quiz for defence exam aids in understanding the language with much more conceptual clarity and brings it closer to literature. 
  • When you are solving the reading ability online test for defence exams, the decision-making capability also gets highly enhanced. 

Recommended Books for Reading Ability 

Following are the most recommended books that one should refer to while preparing for the topic reading ability for defence exams:

Book Name

Publication Name

Objective General English

Arihant Publication

High School English Grammar and Composition

S Chand Publishing

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Reading Ability Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to score full marks in reading ability questions? 

 One of the best ways to score full marks in the reading ability question is to read the question thoroughly and carefully. Each answer must be examined and only then answered.

2. How to practice for the reading ability section? 

The best way to practice for the reading ability section is to solve more and more reading ability problems with solutions. This will help you understand the questions and then solve them accordingly. This way, you will be able to understand how to find answers to these questions even when you are not sure.

3. Where to check the reading ability syllabus defence exams? 

There is no set pattern for the syllabus of the reading ability section. You need to practice thoroughly and understand the pattern of answering such questions and be prepared accordingly. 

4. From where should I practice the reading ability practice test with answers? 

 It is always advisable to practice from some high rated English books to gain a hold over the vocabulary and the language. This will increase your confidence, and thus, you will gain complete control over this topic. 

5. Is online solving of reading ability questions and answers pdf helpful for this section?

Yes, since most of the exams are online-based these days, it is better to solve these sections on an online medium.