Arithmetic for CDS & Defence Exams

By : Naveen Singh

Updated : Dec 3, 2020, 15:26

Arithmetic is one of the elementary branches of mathematics which deals with numbers. In one of the simplest words, arithmetic is the art of subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division. The above given are some of the simplest arithmetic expression formulae. But if you want to cover the arithmetic syllabus defence exams, then you must go through some advanced formulas as well like – square roots, percentage, trigonometry, exponentiation, logarithm functions, precedence rules, and much more.

Arithmetic practice problems PDF are regularly seen in the mathematical section. These questions are most commonly asked in defence exams like - NDA & NA, UPSC CDS, CAPF, AFCAT, Indian Air Force (IAF) Group X & Y, and Indian Coast Guard (ICG).

Important Arithmetic Topics For Defence Exams

The most important topics for arithmetic in defence exams are as follows:




This means adding two elements.


This means the subtraction of two elements.


This means the multiplication of two elements.


This means the division of two elements.


This means the fraction between two elements.


This means out of 100.

Tips to Solve Arithmetic Questions For Defence Exams

  • It is very important to memorize all the arithmetic formulas with examples. This will help to gain confidence and solve any question with speed.
  • One of the most important arithmetic tricks and tips for defence exams is to devise your own shortcut methods.
  • Time management is one of the most important criteria here. And thus, make it a point to solve maximum arithmetic practice tests with answers.
  • Adopt a systematic approach while solving each question. For this, you need to go through the arithmetic study material pdf.
  • While you are preparing arithmetic questions for defence, try to solve more and more previous years’ question papers. This will help you to understand the question pattern.

Importance of Arithmetic in Defence Exams

  • Solving arithmetic practice questions will help in improving your calculation speed.
  • While solving arithmetic quiz for defence exams, your logical and analytical thinking will also vastly improve.
  • Practicing arithmetic problems with solutions will help you to gain accuracy in day to day life.
  • The arithmetic practice quiz is the backbone of several competitive exams, and thus, if you gain control over this, then you will be fully prepared for the other competitive exams too.

Most Recommended Books for Arithmetic

The following is a list of the most recommended books to help prepare arithmetic for defence exams:

Name of the Book


Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics

This book deals with the simple mathematical mathematics formulas and their applications.

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

A number of questions of different nature are solved here, and the explanation is quite clear and to the point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of arithmetic?

There is no such fixed or clear definition of arithmetic. Arithmetic is the branch of mathematics, which deals with numbers. This is one of the very first and basic branches of mathematics.

2. How to avoid negative marking while solving arithmetic questions?

You can easily earn negative marks in the arithmetic questions. And thus, it this is very important to prepare arithmetic notes for defence exams so that you can check them regularly and thus avoid any mistakes.

3. Is it advisable to go for an arithmetic online test for defence exams?

Yes, since most of the exams today are given on online platforms. Thus, it is very important to practice questions on an online platform. If you want to be 100% sure about this section, then you must go for online tests.

4. How to get 100% marks in an arithmetic quiz for a defence exam?

Practice and practice will help you to secure full marks in this branch. Also, don’t forget to practice previous years' questions papers as well. This will help you to understand the question pattern.

5. What should we memorise in arithmetic questions?

While solving the arithmetic practice set, make sure that you memorisze all the formulas. You can also devise your own tips and tricks, which will help you to solve these questions easily.

6. Which books are the best to solve arithmetic questions?

You must solve and practice arithmetic questions and answers pdf from CAT or XAT books. These are the high-level managerial books, and they consist of highly complex questions. If you can solve these questions, then you will be able to solve this section with ease in defence exams.