YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative - GenU in India

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 1, 2023, 15:18

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) developed YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative. On the 1st of November, 2019, the project was officially launched. Generation Unlimited (GenU), also known as YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative in India, is a global multi-sector and multi-stakeholder coalition formed to address the demand for more education, skill development, and employment opportunities for young people aged 10 to 24.

YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative - Key Points

  • It brings together partners from all around the world, including Government, international organisations, civil society, the commercial sector, and young people
  • YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative's target age group is adolescent girls and boys, and its primary goal is to increase youth access to foundational, transferable, and 21st-century skills both inside and outside of official schooling systems
  • YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative wants to build platforms that will help youth connect with market options (career guidance, mentorship, internships, and apprenticeships) and make career guidance more integrated into school teaching
  • Young people aged 10 to 24 will benefit from this project, which will give them possibilities for skill development and employment
  • Both girls and boys will be given equal opportunity
  • Generation United (GenU) has brought together people from the commercial sector, public organisations, international and local organisations, and government agencies to address the challenge of investing in learning

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YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative - About GenU in India

In 2018, UNICEF launched Generation Unlimited cooperation on a worldwide scale. The fundamental goal of this strategy was to make a global statement about the importance of supporting education, skills development, and youth empowerment.

The Sustainable Development Goals inspired the formulation of Generation Unlimited. The Government realised that India also needed a policy of its own. This led to the formation of the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative.

YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative Objectives

  • Modernise secondary education and training to provide young people with the skills they need to live and work productively
  • Increase and improve the number of high-quality jobs available to young people.
  • Encourage young people to think of entrepreneurship as a mindset and a way of life
  • Collaborate with kids to address problems and engage citizens in creating the future they desire
  • Improving educational quality and focusing on the youth's future and growth
  • Encourage young people to get into business for themselves and create new projects for the development of the country
  • Collaborating with the country's youth to understand their perspectives and develop ideas for youth initiatives
  • Integrating skills and education, as well as preparing adolescents for profitable careers

The YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative was one of its kind and was launched as an initiative to upskill the youth of the country. The initiative's primary focus was to improve education for the youth in the country so that the youth of the country grows and their future gets secured. Several engagement avenues were brought up so that the youth of India could actively participate in these activities and understand the importance of self-reliance.

The world is changing quite rapidly, and the youth of India needs to catch up to that pace. The YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative will help in achieving all of these goals.

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FAQs on YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative

Q.1. When did YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative come into effect?

The YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative came into effect on the 1st of November, 2019.

Q.2. Who announced the launch of the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative?

Honourable Minister Smt. Smriti Irani launched the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative.

Q.3. Which body formed the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative?

UNICEF formed the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative.

Q.4. What is the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative called in other countries?

The YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative is referred to as Generation Unlimited.

Q.5. What is the primary purpose of the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative?

The primary purpose of the YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative is to help India's youth gain relevant skills to get employed in the future.