Anti Tobacco Day - World No Tobacco Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 4, 2022, 12:41

Anti-Tobacco Day is also known as World No Tobacco Day. It is celebrated every year on the 31st May. According to the WHO, approximately 60% of tobacco users worldwide wish to quit, yet only 30% of the global population access high-quality tobacco cessation programs. Millions of tobacco smokers quit due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Who Takes the Initiatives

WHO announced a global campaign under the "Commit to Quit" tag to commemorate World No Tobacco Day 2021. This may aid in the creation of better settings that encourage tobacco cessation by:

  • Promoting tobacco-abandonment solid policies.
  • Improving the availability of cessation services.
  • Raising awareness about the tobacco industry's tactics.
  • Provide help to persons who wish to quit through Quit and Win initiatives.

The World Health Organization (WHO) hosts Anti Tobacco Day every year to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and help people understand how second-hand smoke affects smokers, their families, and their communities. It's also critical to promote legislation that limits tobacco consumption.

This is also the day on which smokers are recommended to stop smoking for at least 24 hours before starting again. Tobacco usage leads to dental decay, cancer, cardiovascular illness, and tooth discolouration, among other things.

Socio-Economic Burden of Tobacco

  • In India, tobacco usage is responsible for about 1.3 million deaths per year, or 3500 deaths per day, creating a significant burden on society and the economy that may be avoided.
  • Tobacco hurts the country's economic development.
  • Smokers have a 40-50 per cent increased risk of dying from Covid-19-related disease.
  • According to the WHO research "Economic Costs of Diseases and Deaths Attributable to Tobacco Use in India" (published in August 2020).
  • The economic cost of diseases and fatalities caused by tobacco smoking in India has been estimated to be Rs. 1.77 lakh crores, or around 1% of GDP.

Initiatives Taken to Control Usage of Tobacco

  • Under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, India accepted tobacco control provisions (WHO FCTC).
  • The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) of 2003 is a federal law that prohibits the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to minors.
  • It replaced the Cigarettes Act of 1975, mostly confined to statutory warnings on cigarette packs and advertisements, such as "Cigarette Smoking is Harmful to Your Health." Non-cigarettes were excluded.)
  • Bidis, Pipe Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco, Gutka, Cigars, Cheroots, hookah, and pan masala were included in the 2003 Act.
  • The Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Ordinance, 2019, was promulgated, restricting the manufacture, import, export, transportation, sale, distribution, storage, and advertisement of electronic cigarettes.
  • Tobacco Quitline Services (NTQLS): Nicotine Quitline Services can reach a massive number of tobacco users with the primary goal of providing telephone-based tobacco cessation information, guidance, support, and referrals.
  • The mCessation Program is a tobacco-cessation campaign that uses mobile technology.
  • As part of the government's Digital India strategy, India implemented mCessation utilizing text messaging in 2016.

A Decline in Tobacco Consumption

  • Tobacco use has declined by six percentage points since 2009-10, from 34.6 per cent to 28.6 per cent in 2016-17.
  • India has set a lofty goal of lowering tobacco consumption by 30 per cent by 2025 as part of its 2017 National Health Policy.

Anti Tobacco Day is celebrated to make people aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. The government has also taken several initiatives to reduce the consumption of tobacco.

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FAQs on Anti-Tobacco Day

Q.1) When is World Tobacco Day celebrated?

World Tobacco Day is celebrated on 31st May every year.

Q.2) What tagline was launched by WHO for the Anti-Tobacco Day?

"Commit to Quit" was the tagline that WHO launched in 2021.

Q.3) How many people in India die because of Tobacco consumption?

In India, tobacco usage is responsible for about 1.3 million deaths per year.