World Religion Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 6, 2022, 4:57

The Third Sunday of every January is celebrated as World Religion Day, also called International Religion Day. People from all walks of life gather to celebrate World Religion Day. The day honours the common ground shared by the world's main religions.

World Religion Day - Overview

There are almost 4,000 recognized faiths around the globe. These faiths include churches, congregations, faith organizations, tribes, communities, and movements. Despite the world having several different religions, 75% of people follow one of the five main faiths.

These are -

  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam

Christianity has by far the most adherents among these religions.

As per the estimates, the Christian population is 2.4 billion. The world's second-biggest religion is Islam, with 1.9 billion followers. Approximately 14.6 million people practice Judaism. With about 4,000 years of history, Judaism is the world's oldest monotheistic religion.

Several other religions are based on these three religions' ideas. Northern India is the birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Native Americans, Africans, and members of the African diaspora practise various religions.

World Religion Day History

World Religion Day was first observed in 1950, but the notion had been around for a few years before 1950. In October 1947, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bah' Faith had a meeting at the Eastland Park Hotel in Portland, Maine, in which they all agreed to host an annual event called World Peace Through World Religion.

By 1949, the event had spread across the United States and had become increasingly popular. It became recognized as World Religion Day in 1950.

On World Religion Day, various authors and writers gather to share their views on global faiths and the need to build and sustain harmony among them. It is a great occasion to learn more about other beliefs and an opportunity to socialize with individuals of a different religion.

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World Religion Day Significance

  • Brings people together

World Religion Day aims to bring communities together, regardless of their differences, and this one is no exception. Regardless of one's religious views or culture, the need for acceptability and togetherness is a human desire that already binds us.

  • Harmony between religions

International Religion day is an opportunity for people worldwide to learn more about individuals of many other religions via peaceful ways such as conversation.

  • Opportunity to try something new

People can indulge themself in religious experiences that are distinct from their religions.

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World Religion Day Dates

Following are the dates for World Religion Day in the coming years:




16 January


15 January


21 January


19 January


18 January

Many people have negative feelings regarding religion. However, belief is essential for a variety of reasons. Religion influences a person's morality, ethics, and conventions and, as a result, their conduct. It also inspires others.

Many people claim that their faith in God or a higher force helps them get through tough times. Having a religion also provides individuals peace of mind regarding what happens when they pass away.

International Religion Day is observed on the 3rd Sunday of January every year, and it aims to create harmony and understanding between religions and people of different faiths.

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FAQs on World Religion Day

Q.1. How many countries celebrate World Religion Day?

World Religion Day is now observed in more than 80 nations worldwide to promote interfaith cooperation and understanding.

Q.2. Who started World Religion Day?

The Spiritual Assembly of the Bah' Faith established World Religion Day, and it originated as a World Peace Day in Maine in the United States.

Q.3. What is the aim of World Religion Day?

The goal of World Religion Day is to foster religious unity so that we may transcend historical divisions. For ages, many sects and faiths have been at odds, ignoring their shared principles. The goal of International Religion Day is to promote peaceful coexistence among religions.

Q.4. When is World Religion Day celebrated?

World Religion Day is observed every year on the third Sunday in January.

Q.5. When was the first World Religion Day observed?

The Spiritual Assembly of the Bah' Faith commemorated World Religion Day for the first time in October 1947.