World Development Information Day [October 24]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 5, 2022, 8:56

World Development Information Day or the WDID is held on October 24 every year. The WDID shares this day with United Nations Day.

The day is celebrated to attract the world's attention to the growth and development problem of a nation and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve it.

World Development Information Day is important because UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) believes that if there is an improvement in the circulation and percolation of information are improved, and there is a mobilisation of public opinion, it will raise awareness of development issues better and faster, especially among young people.

World Development Information Day History

During the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, a proposal was made to take suitable and appropriate measures to spread the right kind of information and to balance and mobilise public opinion. This was important for information related to trading and development issues.

This became popular as Resolution 3038 (XXVII), which was established on May 17 1972. When the UNGA approved this resolution, the celebration of October 24 started as World Development Information Day.

International Development Information Day coincides with the inception of the 2nd United Nations Decade of Development International Development Strategy in 1970.

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World Development Information Day Significance

  • The purpose of the day is to enhance how the information will be escalated or percolated, which will further assist in mobilising public opinion, specifically the young people
  • Doing so will further raise awareness of development issues and promote efforts to enhance cooperation toward international development
  • World Development Information Day aims to explain to the general public why there is a need to strengthen international cooperation to find ways to solve such problems
  • Information and communications technology have the potential to provide new solutions to globalisation-related development challenges, promoting economic growth, competitive spirit, availability of information, access to deep knowledge, reduction in poverty, and social inclusion
  • This day is held on the same day as United Nations Day, emphasising the centrality of development in UN activities
  • With the development of the digital age, the interpretation of the day has changed slightly, focusing on the role that state-of-the-art information technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones in alerting people and finding solutions to trade and development problems
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World Development Information Day Theme

  • The theme for World Development Information Day 2021 was "Action for Sustainable Development Goals"
  • The theme for 2020 was "Information and Communication Technology – New Solutions to Development Challenges"

International Development Information Day is celebrated across the globe, and its importance has increased ever since the mode of communication and journalism has extended its relevance and reach.

With the advent and technological development of social media, smartphones, and digital advertisement (thanks to the Internet), this day has become even stronger, making communication and passing of information in every nook and corner of the world much more feasible and effective, educational, and strong.

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FAQs on World Development Information Day

Q.1. When is World Development Information Day celebrated?

Each year, the World Development Information Day is observed on October 24.

Q.2. What was the theme of the World Development Information Day 2021?

The theme for the World Development Information Day 2021 was Action for Sustainable Development Goal

Q.3. Is there any other significant day or celebration that coincides with World Development Information Day?

There is another important day celebrated on October 24, the same date as World Development Information Day. It is United Nations Day.

Q.4. In which year was World Development Information Day first celebrated?

The first World Development Information Day was celebrated on October 24 1973

Q.5. How is World Development Information Day celebrated?

World Development Information Day is celebrated through various events focused on UN activities, especially on trade and development issues. Several activities held during this day are for journalists working in various media, like social media, magazines, print media, television, etc.