World Coconut Day [2nd September]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 5, 2022, 8:13

World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on September 2 in several countries in the Asia Pacific region, including India. World Coconut Day was introduced in the year 2009. The main objective behind celebrating this day is to create awareness about the benefits and importance of coconuts.

The day is specially celebrated in countries of the Pacific and Asian region as they are the major producers of coconuts in the world. Furthermore, the event honours the foundation day of the Asia and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC).

Let's take a look at the key highlights of International Coconut Day and the importance of coconut for humans.

World Coconut Day History

  • World Coconut Day was first introduced by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community in Jakarta
  • The aim of celebrating the day is to raise awareness about coconuts and their uses and benefits in different industries
  • APCC organises World Coconut Day every year to highlight and promote this versatile tropical fruit

World Coconut Day Significance

  • In India, the National Coconut Board also administers coconut production and promotes various by-products made from coconut like chips, Energy drinks, Chutney, jams, etc
  • Indonesia is the world's largest producer of coconuts. Philipines ranks second, and India is the third-largest producer of coconuts
  • The southern part of India is a significant producer of coconuts, especially Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and some coastal regions of Maharashtra
  • The favourable climate required for the growing coconuts is a tropical climate with high humidity and well-distributed rainfall annually
  • Coconut doesn't just have health benefits but is also an economically affordable fruit. Every part of the coconut, from the husk, its water, and the fruit, are all helpful in some way or the other
  • Coconut is a vital ingredient in global and local recipes, with coconut also being used in cosmetics and beauty products
  • Thus, International Coconut Day is organised to promote this fruit and highlight its benefits
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Benefits of Coconut

  • Coconuts have proven to help treat cardiovascular diseases by controlling cholesterol levels
  • Coconuts can control Diabetes and blood sugar levels as coconuts are low in carbs and high in fibre and good fats
  • Coconuts have high nutritional value; they contain potassium, proteins, and minerals necessary for good body function
  • Coconuts are rich in iron and copper; this helps create red blood cells and selenium
  • Coconut is considered an important antioxidant
  • Coconut helps treat severe dehydration by providing essential minerals and antioxidants to the body

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World Coconut Day Theme

  • International Coconut Day is particularly celebrated in the Asia-Pacific region, and there is a special theme each year.
  • The theme for 2021 was "Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community Amid Covid-19 Pandemic & Beyond"
  • The theme was selected with the intention of promoting the use and production of coconut during the pandemic

In India, Coconuts are called kalpavriksha (the sacred tree that fulfils wishes) because of their innumerable uses and benefits for humans.

Over 26% of people surveyed by National Today use coconut oil in their hair, and 22% use it for cooking their food. Coconut husks and fruit is also part of many Indian dishes, while coconut water is a favourite in the summer season.

Indian government bodies like the Coconut Development Board (CDB) celebrate this day, and host events that help farmers, businessmen, and policy-makers come together and exchange ideas about coconut production.

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FAQs on World Coconut Day

Q.1. When is World Coconut Day celebrated?

World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on September 2.

Q.2. Why is World Coconut Day celebrated?

World Coconut Day is celebrated every year to promote and raise awareness of the importance of coconut fruit for our health, wellness, environment, and role in alleviating a population out of poverty.

Q.3. Who first celebrated World Coconut Day?

World Coconut Day was first celebrated by the Asia-Pacific Coconut Community while subsequently being adopted worldwide.

Q.4. What was the theme of World Coconut Day 2021?

The theme of World Coconut Day 2021 was "Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond".

Q.5. How do we celebrate World Coconut Day?

To celebrate World Coconut Day, one can share facts about coconuts (also one of nature's healthiest food) or share, cook and eat coconut recipes and coconut-based foods.