World Poetry Day - History, Significance

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2022, 7:51

World Poetry Day marks the celebration of linguistic diversity through poetry. Earmarked on the 21st of March, every year this day honour the immense contribution of poets in bringing out a beautiful amalgamation of culture, history, and study, and continuing with the tradition, not just for the past generations, but also for the newer generations to commemorate and learn from it.

World Poetry Day History

  • World Poetry Day was announced and adopted by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) in the year 1999, in Paris, during the 30th General Conference.
  • Also known as WPD, it is observed by UN members annually to promote poetry and its various forms.
  • The primary aim of adopting World Poetry Day was to support linguistic diversity through poetry, thereby promoting and spreading teachings from diverse languages and cultures of the world.
  • It was adopted to safeguard endangered languages and increase the awareness amongst more and more people regarding the importance of the treasured forms of cultural and linguistic poetic expressions.
  • World Poetry Day is also celebrated on the 15th of October by certain countries to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Roman poet Virgil, who had written the famous epic Aeneid.

World Poetry Day Significance

  • World Poetry Day is celebrated worldwide with poetry festivals both through the online and the offline mode.
  • People get together and talk about their favourite poets and their celebrated creations.
  • UNESCO offers special media kits and other resources on this day to encourage and assist people in knowing more about poetry.
  • Small gatherings are held by many poets who come together on this day to read poetry and teach the people about the art of writing poems, thereby spreading awareness amongst the general public.
  • Educational institutes hold poetry competitions and encourage their students to participate actively in them.
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FAQs on World Poetry Day

Q1. How can I celebrate World Poetry Day?

Ans: You can celebrate World Poetry Day by simply listening to or reading poetry written by great poets or attempting to write one yourself.

Q2. What was the theme behind World Poetry Day 2021?

Ans: The World Poet Day 2021 celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of Blaze Koneski, the well renowned Macedonian writer, poet, and literary translator. Also, on this special day, the famous British poet, Carol Ann Duffy, was announced as the recipient of the Golden Wreath Award.

Q3. What is the significance of World Poetry Day?

Ans: World Poetry Day honours poets and encourages the revival of ancient traditions of reciting poetry, thereby promoting the reading, writing, and teaching of poetry to the present generation. It further fosters the convergence of poetry with other art forms such as theatre, drama, music, dance, painting, and so on and marks the reflection of poetry in the media through them.

Q4. When was the first World Poetry Day held?

Ans: The first World Poetry Day was held on the 21st of March 2000.