World Meteorological Day - History, Significance, Theme

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 3, 2022, 5:32

The World Meteorological Organization celebrates the entry into force of the Convention creating the World Meteorological Organization on March 23, 1950, every year on March 23.

Every year on March 23, World Meteorological Day commemorates the entry into force of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization in 1950. It highlights the critical role of national meteorological and hydrological services in society's safety and well-being and is commemorated with activities worldwide. The World Meteorological Day themes reflect current weather, climate, and water-related challenges.

World Meteorological Day History

The day is important as it celebrates the founding of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). One hundred ninety-three countries and territories are now a part of the WMO. The International Meteorological Organization (IMO) is based on the concept of the Vienna International Meteorological Congress that existed in the year 1873. In 1950, the organisation started to receive funding from the United Nations.

World Meteorological Day 2021 Theme

"The Ocean, Our Climate, and Weather" is the topic of World Meteorological Day 2021. According to the WMO's website, the subject was chosen to highlight the WMO's focus on linking the ocean, climate, and weather within the Earth System. The theme was selected since this year is the first year of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which aims to raise awareness of ocean science and better understand its role in sustainable development.

World Meteorological Organisation - Overview

The World Meteorological Organisation or the WMO is the agency that belongs to the United Nations. The department takes care of the weather, climate, and water-related geographical sciences. It also takes care of other related fields like Atmospheric Chemistry or Oceanography.

The WMO also manages about 191 states with National Meteorological and Hydrological centres in their provinces. WMO aims to make weather, climate, and water accessible to everyone who uses these natural elements.

Importance of Oceans

The oceans are pretty crucial for the environment. Some alarming facts have now come to the picture that will alarm you, and you will start valuing the oceans more. Some of these facts are:

  • About 70% of Earth's service is filled with ocean water. This water significantly impacts any kind of weather or climate that the Earth might experience. It also contributes significantly towards climate change.
  • About 90% of the trade across the globe is carried out via the oceans. Therefore, it significantly contributes to the global economy. The oceans also are home to about a great deal of marine animals. Even 40% of the entire population of the Earth is dependent on the oceans for their livelihood.
  • As the oceans are an essential part of our economy and our environment, the National Meteorological and the Hydrological services must keep a close eye on the oceans and monitor any change that might affect the oceans and all the linked ecosystems.

Trivia on the World Meteorological Organisation

  • The current General Secretary of the World Meteorological Organisation is Petteri Taalas.
  • World Meteorological Organisation is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland
  • There are 193 members of the organisation, and India is an integral part of it.
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FAQs on World Meteorological Day

Q.1) Who is heading the World Meteorological Organisation?

The World Meteorological Organisation is currently headed by Mr Petteri Taalas, the General Secretary of the organisation.

Q.2) Under which body does the World Meteorological Organisation come?

The United Nations manage the World Meteorological Organisation.

Q.3) When is World Meteorological day celebrated?

It is celebrated on March 23 every year.