World Immunization Week

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 5, 2022, 10:25

World Immunization Week is organized in the last week of April every year. It’s a global health program organized by World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with governments and organizations all over the world. The first World Immunization Week was observed by 180 countries and territories simultaneously in 1912 during the annual meeting of the World Health Assembly that governs WHO.

The goal of World Immunization Week is to stress the need for collective action to encourage the use of vaccines to protect people against certain diseases. It provides technical support and guidance to implement credible and high-quality immunization programs.

World Immunization Week Significance

Immunization enables an individual to protect oneself from several fatal communicable diseases. Immunization saves 2-3 million lives every year.

It is especially important for the healthy growth and development of young children as they are still developing antibodies and are susceptible to the growth-inhibiting factors of the environment.

Moreover, many infectious diseases and their prevention are unknown, making it impossible to control them with behavioural methods alone. In these cases, vaccination is the only way to prevent the disease.

International Immunization Week, encourages governments to organize awareness programs and vaccination camps to facilitate a drive for healthy immunization.

Role of World Immunization Week during Covid-19

The significance of International Immunization Week has increased manifold since the outbreak of Covid-19. The theme for World Immunization Week 2022 is “Long Life For All”. It highlights how vaccinations can give people a long life that is healthy and active.

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World Immunization Week Themes

World Immunization Week is celebrated with a new theme, every year. The themes for the last 10 years have been as follows:

  • 2012: Immunization saves lives
  • 2013: Protect your world: get vaccinated
  • 2014: Are you up to date?
  • 2015 and 2016: Close the immunization gap
  • 2017: Vaccines work
  • 2018 and 2019: Protected together: vaccines work!
  • 2020: Vaccines work for all
  • 2021: Vaccines bring us closer
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World Immunization Week - Major Challenges

The world greatly lacks resources when it comes to providing one and all with vaccination. There are many concerns regarding vaccination and its awareness that need to be dealt with which is exactly where World Immunization Week comes in. Some major concerns related to immunization are:

  • Many people are unaware of the disease-preventive powers of vaccination and how public health is an important individual right
  • Many young children are not provided with a complete course of immunization in their infant years
  • Most teenagers and adults do not keep up to date with their vaccination

International Immunization Week is organized to promote the use of vaccines to prevent some deadly infectious diseases. The program covers people of all ages and about 25 common but deadly infectious diseases. These awareness programs have played a major role in bringing covid-19 under control through large-scale public vaccination programs.

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FAQs on World Immunization Week

Q.1. When was World Immunization Week launched?

World Immunization Week was introduced during the World Health Assembly of May 2012. 180 countries from around the world celebrated this week with the organization of several World Immunization Week activities.

Q.2. What is the theme of World Immunization Week 2022?

The theme of World Immunization Week 2022 is 'long life for all.

Q.3. What is the major focus of World Immunization Week 2022?

The major focus of World Immunization Week in 2022 is to eliminate the disease of covid-19 by making the world immune to the virus.

Q.4. When is the World Immunization Week in 2022?

World Immunization Week has been observed from April 24 to April 30, 2022.

Q.5. What are the challenges to World Immunization Week?

Many people and communities are against immunization because of various religious and cultural beliefs. This is a major challenge to the successful implementation of the international immunization program, these are the challenges to World Immunization Week.