World Day of War Orphans

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 22, 2022, 9:31

People worldwide observe World Day of War Orphans on January 6 every year to recognise the plight of children orphaned due to war or other conflicts. Children become orphaned and lose their parents because of war, invasion, and other misfortunes. Yet, the areas with the most orphans are conflict zones.

World Day of War Orphans History

World Day of War Orphans was initiated by SOS Enfants en Dresses, a French organisation. The aim was to help children affected by conflict.

International Day of War Orphans provides a chance for global communities to address the dire straits situation of war orphans, a humanitarian and societal disaster that is only worsening.

Significance of World Day of War Orphans

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, bearing the burden of global crises and conflicts. According to UNICEF, children make up 2.2 billion of the 7 billion global inhabitants. Furthermore, the number of orphaned children due to war and other political crises is between 143 and 210 million.

According to the Humanitarian and Social Researches Center, one million war orphans fell prey to the organ mafia between 1987 and 2017. Presently, around 300,000 children are child soldiers. Every year, 4 million children fall prey to human trafficking in war zones.

For instance, as a result of the Syrian disaster, 70,000 Syrian refugee families live in countries where they sought asylum without the heads of their families. In refugee camps, 4,000 Syrian refugee children who have lost both parents are fighting for survival.

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Another country where conflict has resulted in numerous orphaned children in Afghanistan. Afghanistan today has over 400,000 war orphans, according to UNICEF data.

War orphans are most prevalent in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Also, they are becoming more common in the bloody battlefields of today, increasing the relevance of the World Day of War Orphans.

World Day of War Orphans - War Orphans as Child Soldiers

According to a UNICEF report, approximately 300,000 kids are child soldiers in 20 nations. Females account for 40% of child soldiers in various parts of the world, and some child soldiers are under the age of ten.

Orphaned youngsters make up a disproportionate number of child soldiers. It is easier to persuade them if you supply shelter and food while also appealing to their need to belong to a community. War orphans recruited as child soldiers face the risk of engaging in criminal activity, substance misuse, crippling, and social isolation.

Afghanistan, Arakan, East Turkistan, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Patani Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and the Republic of Central Africa have the highest number of orphans because of war and other political conflicts. Human traffickers, organ and prostitution mafias, begging gangs, and missionary organisations exploit war orphans.

The International Day of War Orphans will, therefore, will promote public awareness of the life-threatening difficulties that orphans confront all around the world and serve as inspiration for orphan social welfare projects.

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FAQs on World Day of War Orphans

Q.1. What is the relevance of the World Day of War Orphans?

World Day of War Orphans invites the attention of the global community to the plight of children who have lost both parents as a result of a conflict, making them the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.

Q.2. World Day of War Orphans recognises the plight of war orphans in conflict zones. What are some of those?

Children who have lost one or both parents due to war, invasion, and violence are powerless and alone. Human trafficking, forced adoption, recruitment as child soldiers, child labour, organ mafia, prostitution and begging gangs, missionary groups, substance abuse, and different crime rings pose risks to orphans in crisis zones and are recognised on World Day of War Orphans.

Q.3. When does the world community commemorate the World Day of War Orphans?

The global community commemorates World Day of War Orphans every year on January 6.

Q.4. What message does the World Day of War Orphans give to the international community?

The message that the World Day of War Orphans gives to the community is that every kid has the right to life, education, healthcare, a safe environment, and safety from physical and psychological harm. The international community is accountable for ensuring the preservation and upholding of the fundamental rights of children.

Q.5. Who established the World Day of War Orphans?

"SOS Enfants en Detresses", a French organisation, established the World Day of War Orphans.