World Egg Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 7, 2022, 4:59

The very first World Egg Day was held in Vienna in 1996 when the egg's strength was recognised on the second Friday of October; since then, it is celebrated on the 2nd of October each year.

Eggs have played an important part in feeding households across the world for generations. When it comes to variety and high-quality protein at a low price, they are unrivalled.

Purpose of World Egg Day

  • The goal of World Egg Day is to promote awareness about the benefits of eggs. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about the health advantages and nutritional value of eggs.
  • The International Egg Commission, founded in 1964, is a membership organisation committed to the global egg industry. To aid in company decision-making and development, they bring members up to date on the newest innovations in production, nutrition, and marketing.
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How do people celebrate World Egg Day?

On National Egg Day, people participate in a variety of egg-related events. Prepare some creative or conventional egg recipes for your family and friends, for example. Raising awareness of the nutritional benefits of eggs and educating others about them. Other activities include playing egg-related games, painting, eggshell decorating, and taking online quizzes about eggs, among others.

Importance of Egg

Selenium, vitamin A, D, K, B6, and B12, as well as minerals including zinc, iron, and copper, are abundant in eggs. They're known for being high in choline, a nutrient that aids in brain growth and memory.

Eggs are one of nature's best quality protein sources, and they include many of life's essential elements. Egg proteins are crucial for brain and muscle development, disease prevention, and overall health.

Egg white contains more than half of an egg's protein. Egg whites are high in vitamin B2 and contain less fat than yolks. Egg yolks, on the other hand, have more calories and fat than whites. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as lecithin, the chemical that allows emulsification in dishes like hollandaise and mayonnaise, are found in yolks.

We can say that the number of nutrition benefits and their easy availability make them a regular part of daily meals in a lot of individual lives; hence World Egg Day provides a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about eggs and their health benefits.

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FAQs on World Egg Day

Q.1. Why is World Egg Day celebrated?

World Egg Day was established in 1996 in Vienna when it was decided to honour the egg's power on the second Friday of October every year.

Q.2. What is the theme for World Egg Day 2021?

The theme for 2021 World Egg Day is Eat Your Egg Today and Every Day.

Q.3. In the interest of World Egg Day, what are the major health benefits of consuming eggs?

The brain is one of the body's organs that has become crucial in performing the action. The ability of the brain decreases with age, especially if it is not sharpened on a regular basis. Boiling eggs every day has a positive long-term effect on brain function. Because hard-boiled eggs contain a chemical called choline, they are good for brain health.

Q.4. What is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day was established in Vienna in 1996 to celebrate the power of the egg on the second Friday in October each year.