World Egg Day [14th October, 2023]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 15:27

This year, World Egg Day will be celebrated on 14th October. It was first celebrated in Vienna on the second Friday of October in 1996 to raise awareness about the high nutritional value of the egg. This simple and affordable food item has always been a go-to source of high nutrition for households worldwide. The abundance and affordability of eggs make them a top choice for breakfast in different parts of the world.

World Egg Day is about celebrating this superfood and helping everyone realize its nutritional importance. To know more about the origins of this day, its theme, and its importance, refer to the information given below.

What is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the significance and power of the egg. It is widely known that eggs offer high nutritional value. They are the most commonly found source of protein and are consumed generously in several parts of the world. But the importance of eggs is not limited to their nutritional value.

Several cultures worldwide consider the egg as a sacred item - something that represents life itself. The religious significance of the egg is also as

Event Name

World Egg Day

Organized By

International Egg Commission

World Egg Day Date

Second Friday of October (every year)

First Celebrated At

Vienna, in 1976


Eggs for a Better Life


To spread awareness about the nutritional value of the egg

World Egg Day 2022 Theme

The International Egg Commission sets a theme for the celebration of World Egg Day each year. The theme indicates the central message of the campaign. Various organizations, groups, and individuals conduct annual events based on the theme. We have enlisted the details about the themes below:

  • World Egg Day 2022 theme is "Eggs for a better life."
  • World Egg Day 2021 theme was "Eggs for all: Nature's perfect package."
  • World Egg Day 2020 theme was "Eggs: much more than the perfect protein."

Why Do We Celebrate World Egg Day?

Egg Day was conceptualized by the International Egg Commission in 1972. It is primarily celebrated to spread awareness about the benefits of consuming eggs. Here are some other reasons why we celebrate World Egg Day:

  • To raise awareness about the health advantages and nutritional value of eggs.
  • Eggs play an important part in households across the world as a staple food item.
  • Eggs are unrivaled when it comes to variety and high-quality protein at a low price.

Importance of Egg

Eggs are one of nature's best quality protein sources and include many of life's essential elements. Egg proteins are crucial for brain and muscle development, disease prevention, and overall health. The number of nutritional benefits and their easy availability makes them a regular part of daily meals in many individual lives. Hence, World Egg Day provides a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about eggs and their health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Eggs

  • The egg is a primary source of protein. Egg white contains more than half of an egg's protein.
  • Selenium, vitamins A, D, K, B6, and B12, as well as minerals, including zinc, iron, and copper, are abundant in eggs.
  • Eggs are also known for being high in choline, a nutrient that aids in brain growth and memory.
  • Egg whites are high in vitamin B2 and contain less fat than yolks.
  • Egg yolks, on the other hand, have more calories and fat than whites.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as lecithin, which allows emulsification in dishes like hollandaise and mayonnaise, are found in egg yolks.

Eggs and Sustainability

Humans have been consuming various types of eggs as food since 7,500 BC, and the production of eggs has always been a natural and environment-friendly process. The global egg industry is continuously striving to procure eggs in a sustainable manner. It is also becoming more transparent with its operations. On World Egg Day, the global egg industries pledge to practice sustainability and meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

World Egg Day vs. National Egg Day

World Egg Day

National Egg Day

It is celebrated on the second Friday of October every year.

It is celebrated on 3rd June every year.

It is a global event, organized by the International Egg Commission.

It is a national event organized in India.

More than 40 countries participate in this event.

Only India celebrates this day.

World Egg Day Activities

On World Egg Day, people participate in a variety of events. These events are focused on spreading information about the significance of the egg. Here are some of the common observances on this day:

  • People make creative or conventional egg recipes for their family and friends.
  • Raising awareness of the nutritional benefits of eggs and educating others about them.
  • Other activities include playing egg-related games, painting, eggshell decorating, etc.
  • Taking online quizzes about eggs and spreading the word about World Egg Day on social media.

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FAQs on World Egg Day

Q1. What is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day is a day marked to celebrate the egg, which is a staple source of food for households across the world. On this day, the high nutritional power of the egg and the various forms in which it is consumed is highlighted and discussed.

Q2. When is World Egg Day celebrated?

World Egg Day is celebrated on the second Friday of October every year. It was first celebrated in Vienna in 1976. This day honors the significance of eggs and encourages everyone to consume this simple and affordable superfood to improve their health.

Q3. What is World Egg Day 2022 theme?

World Egg Day 2022 theme is "Eggs for a better life." The International Egg Commission decides the theme of Egg Day. Every year, a unique theme is determined for the day, based on which the campaigns for the day are selected.

Q4. Why is World Egg Day celebrated?

World Egg Day is celebrated to signify the importance of the egg as an affordable, versatile, abundant, and nutritious food item. World Egg Day was celebrated for the first time in 1996 in Vienna.

Q5. Are eggs a nutritious food item?

Eggs are a power-packed food item. It is a significant source of protein and vitamins like vitamins A, D, K, B6, and B12. Eggs also contain a chemical called choline, which is good for brain health. World Egg Day is an annual international event that honors this superfood.