White Goods in India

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 14:45

White Goods refer to major appliances such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. These were traditionally white in colour. It is only in recent times that they come in a variety of colours.

What are White Goods?

White Goods are household appliances or heavy consumer durables.

Usually, the type of appliance you have depends on a person's lifestyle. The average cost of running an electric stove is about ten times more than an electric oven. Also, using a stove means that you can only prepare small amounts of food, unlike in an oven, which can accommodate more food at once.

Water heaters also require natural gas or fuel oil which is expensive to buy and costly to dispose of when it is no longer needed, instead of using electricity for artificial heat.

In India, people don't want to buy White Goods from other countries where products are cheaper because they don't trust their quality and do not think that the products can be equally good as the expensive ones in the local markets.

White Goods in India - Current Status

Today, many devices, including faucets, washers, dryers, and microwave ovens, are made by companies like Whirlpool Corp., LG Electronics Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and Toshiba Corporation.

These items are used for domestic purposes, but these appliances also play a major role in offices of companies and homes. They are important because they help in saving energy and are also cost-effective.

India is becoming a global consumer hub of White Goods.

Reasons for the Rise in White Goods in India

The major issue with these devices is that they make a lot of noise. Despite all the problems that come with White Goods, there are many people who use them. The biggest reason for their use is because of the need for a variety of appliances and other products in different places. Another major reason why people use White Goods is that they are quite convenient.

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Benefits of White Goods in India

  1. They keep the surroundings clean by minimizing the amount of dust and increasing airflow, especially in areas with low air circulation.
  2. They are quite efficient in saving space because they do not need much space to be installed.
  3. They have much longer service lives than conventional appliances and thus require less maintenance and repair costs.
  4. Most modern White Goods are environment friendly in terms of their energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuels to produce heat energy for operation.

White Goods Importance

  1. White Goods are important because they allow you to save on energy by using less.
  2. White Goods manufacturers have a long history of making alternative appliances that are affordable and cheap for the consumer.
  3. The market for White Goods is growing as more and more households are looking to invest in this sector.
  4. The growth in refrigerator sales can be attributed to the increasing population and urbanisation, which have resulted in a rapid increase in demand.

In conclusion, it can be said that White Goods in India are of great importance and it is necessary for the consumers to purchase them. However, there are some concerns about the use of White Goods. These concerns affect the buyer's decision to make a purchase and also his satisfaction with what he buys. White Goods have been able to grab a large market share because of their features as well as their durability and efficiency.

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FAQs on White Goods

Q1. What are White Goods?

White Goods are household appliances that have non-rotating, non-circulating components that generate cool or hot air.

Q2. What are the benefits of White Goods?

White Goods help you to reduce your energy consumption because it reduces the amount of energy you need to cook and heat your home. These appliances require less space than traditional methods like firewood or coal-burning, which helps you save money.

Q3. Where are White Goods used?

White Goods are used in several places like homes and offices for various purposes like heating water for cooking. Nowadays, some companies also manufacture White Goods in catering services.

Q4. What is the basic use of White Goods?

These devices vary in their utility. Each appliance serves a different purpose. You can use an oven for baking. You can use a refrigerator to store food or drinks, and there are many other uses for these devices.

Q5. Why are White Goods named so?

White Goods were traditionally manufactured in white colour only. It is only in recent times that they come in various colours.