World Sickle Cell Day [June 19]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 7, 2023, 10:50

World Sickle Cell Day is observed every year on June 19 which is dedicated to the awareness, prevention and cure of Sickle Cell Disease. This disease is a genetic disorder that causes the body and tissues to produce abnormal-shaped red blood cells which are very painful in the medical sense and can be fatal.

It is observed all around the world to spread awareness to people. Awareness, prevention, and cure of the disease have been achieved thanks to the efforts of many well-known individuals who have made a huge contribution to research, finding cures and spreading awareness.

What is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder that affects the red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body.

It is a very rare disease, but it can be fatal. It occurs when a person inherits two copies of the sickle cell gene, which leads to a change in the shape of their red blood cells, making them rigid and sticky. This causes enhanced oxygen transport and excess narrowing of blood vessels - making it harder for the blood to flow through the body, leading to many complications.

The disease can affect any race or ethnicity, including people from Europe or Africa and people living in areas with tropical climates.

The Reality of Sickle Cell Disease

It is an inherited genetic disease caused by a combination of factors such as genetics, heredity and environment. It affects red blood cells causing them to change shape causing pain, severe fatigue and long term illnesses that can be fatal.

The disease was very common in Africa prior to the 20th century, but due to numerous scientific advancements and awareness about this disease, it has reduced drastically.

Why World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated?

International Sickle Cell Day reminds us not only of the life-threatening disorder that sickle cell disease causes, but also to focus on finding cures and spreading awareness about it. It is observed by many people all around the world to spread awareness about this rare blood disorder.

Significance of World Sickle Cell Day

The aim is to spread awareness about sickle cell disease which is a genetic disorder causing abnormality in the shape and structure of red blood cells which makes them painful and rigid. These abnormal-shaped red blood cells cannot carry oxygen properly through the body resulting in many complications that are usually fatal if not treated on time.

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What makes World Sickle Cell Disease Day important?

Many people who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease are denied the right to be treated with medical-grade oxygen. The disease requires a high level of concentration and therefore the patient should be able to access it despite the limited concentration levels at their earlier stages.

Children born with Sickle Cell Disease will often have more complications as they grow older because they may not get enough oxygen in their bodies. Raising awareness of children born with Sickle Cell Disease on World Sickle Cell Day is important.

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On International Sickle Cell Day, people from around the world celebrate it by taking part in different activities. You can observe it by sharing ideas and opinions with people, making posters to raise awareness, holding campaigns, taking an initiative to raise awareness and involving others.

People living in tropical climates and races that are affected by sickle cell disease should be aware of the risk factors that are often present such as dehydration and hyperthermia. Awareness and prevention of this deadly disorder can be achieved through understanding, education and increasing public awareness.

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FAQs on World Sickle Cell Day

Q1: What does the term Sickle Cell Disease mean in regard to World Sickle Cell Day?

In regard to World Sickle Cell Day, This genetic disease affects the red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the body's various organs. These are formed in the bone marrow and are usually round, flexible and transparent.

Q2: Why is World Sickle Cell Day important?

As a person living in tropical climates or races, it is important to become aware of the risk factors associated with Sickle Cell Disease. Understanding, education and public awareness will help people lower the risk and spread awareness worldwide, this is why World Sickle Cell Day is important.

Q3: How to observe World Sickle Cell Day?

There are many ways you can observe this day. One way is to take part in different activities such as making posters on the disease, holding campaigns and taking walks to raise more awareness. You can share your views on how you want people to deal with Sickle Cell Disease by getting involved in discussions with your friends and family members, this is how World Sickle Cell Day is Observed.

Q4: What does World Sickle Cell Day mean?

World Sickle Cell Day is a day to celebrate the rare disease of Sickle Cell Disease and how millions are being cured around the world. It also reminds people to spread awareness, prevention and cure through awareness campaigns, causes and raising public awareness.

Q5: Where did the name World Sickle Cell Day come from?

The term World Sickle Cell Day was popularised by the National Council for Sickle Cell Research (NCSCR) in 1985. This was when they created this day which is observed every year on June 19 and is dedicated to the recognition of this disease by raising awareness worldwide and spreading it through different means of communication.