World Sanskrit Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Aug 31, 2023, 10:43

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated annually on the day of Shraavana Poornima (full moon) to mark the importance of the ancient Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is an ancient sacred language in India, and several holy books like the Rigveda were written in this language. The language is known to have no start and no end, making it divine and everlasting. It is also known as Dev Vani or the "language of Gods". In 2023, World Sanskrit Day will be celebrated on 31st August.

Sanskrit Day is also known as "Vishva-Samskrita-Dinam" and Samskrita Bharati, a Sanskrit organization that promotes this day nationally and globally. Learn more about World Sanskrit Day, its history, theme, and importance here.

World Sanskrit Day 2023

Ministry of Education, Government of India, announced the celebration of World Sanskrit Day in 1969. Since then, different states of India have celebrated this day with much enthusiasm. The date of this occasion varies every year. Sanskrit Day is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima, which is a day of remembrance of the ancient Indian sages.

On World Sanskrit Day, students are encouraged to study the holy Vedas in Gurukuls. Many organizations and individuals also take the initiative to revive the Sanskrit language.

Event Name

World Sanskrit Day

Celebrated On

Shraavana Poornima (date varies)

Established By

Ministry of Education, Government of India

Aim of the Day

To promote the Sanskrit language and revive it

When is Sanskrit Day Celebrated?

World Sanskrit Day, or Viswa Samskrita Dinam is celebrated on every full moon day of the Shraavana month as per the Hindu calendar. It falls in the month of August. In 2022, it was celebrated on 12th August and in 2021, World Sanskrit Day was celebrated on 22 August. Sanskrit Day was celebrated in 1969 for the first time, and the Ministry of Education, Government of India provided the directives for celebrating the day at the State and National levels.

World Sanskrit Day History

World Sanskrit Day was established by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. This day was first celebrated in 1969 on the day of Shraavana Poornima. It is said that the Sanskrit language belongs to the Indo-Germanic or Indo-Aryan family of languages, which are around 3500 years old. This makes Sanskrit one of the oldest languages in the world.

Panini, a Sanskrit linguist, wrote a grammar guide named the Ashtadhyayi (eight chapters). He was a beacon for the world in understanding spoken Sanskrit. On World Sanskrit Day in India, Panini is remembered and honoured for his contribution. Many Kavi Sammelan events for writers and students are also held throughout the country and the world on this day.

Sanskrit Day Significance

Even though Sanskrit is India's most sacred and ancient language, it is not widely spoken. This has linked language to the fear of extinction. World Sanskrit Day is celebrated to spread awareness and respect for India's most ancient language. It also aims to promote the revitalization of the language. In 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized popularizing and promoting the language by celebrating the day with a week-long celebration from 19th August to 25th August.

How is World Sanskrit Day Celebrated?

  • With the aim of reviving the language, World Sanskrit Day is celebrated by conducting seminars, meets, and lectures around the country.
  • Sanskrit University organizes a week-long celebration wherein language scholars, critics, and poets are invited to participate in several activities.
  • Doordarshan and the All India Radio telecast Sanskrit programs on Sanskrit Day.

Sanskrit Day - Facts about Sanskrit Language

The Sanskrit language surely deserves a day for its celebration and promotion. The use of Sanskrit as a spoken language is declining; however, India is trying to revive it by celebrating World Sanskrit Day. Several other initiatives are underway to promote and revive the best language in the world.

  • The Sanskrit language is an old language with an organized grammatical structure. Linguists say that people can use a single word of Sanskrit to express themselves.
  • Both Carnatic and Hindustani classical music streams use Sanskrit.
  • The Indian state of Uttarakhand has declared Sanskrit as one of the official languages.
  • Several renowned Indian and international universities offer the Sanskrit language. Around 14 universities in Germany offer Sanskrit subjects.
  • The Vedic Sanskrit language existed even before other prime languages like Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.
  • The Sanskrit language is known to help improve speech, learn other languages, and better learn subjects like mathematics and science.
  • A village in Karnataka called Mattur speaks only in Sanskrit.

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FAQs about World Sanskrit Day

Q1. When is World Sanskrit Day celebrated?

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated annually on the full moon of the Shraavana month of the Hindu calendar. It is generally observed in the month of August. In 2023, Sanskrit Day will be celebrated on 31st August. Previously in 2022, it was celebrated on 12th August.

Q2. What is the theme of World Sanskrit Day 2022?

There is no specific World Sanskrit Day 2022 theme. The day commemorates the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and aims to promote its revival and maintenance. Sanskrit Day is celebrated widely but not based on any particular theme.

Q3. Why do we celebrate World Sanskrit Day?

We celebrate World Sanskrit Day to honor the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. Many present Indian languages have evolved from Sanskrit, and all the Hindu holy scriptures and texts are written in Sanskrit. Therefore, Sanskrit Day is about reviving this ancient language.

Q4. Who declared World Sanskrit Day?

Ministry of Education, Government of India announced World Sanskrit Day in 1969. Since then, Sanskrit Day has been celebrated on every Shraavana Poornima in the month of August.

Q5. Who wrote the Sanskrit grammar guide, Ashtadhyayi?

Panini, a Sanskrit linguist, wrote the Sanskrit grammar guide named the Ashtadhyayi (eight chapters). It is an ancient Indian language with a rich history. The Hindu scriptures are also written in Sanskrit. World Sanskrit Day is celebrated to preserve and revive this ancient language.