Reward Project [Rejuvenating Watersheds for Agricultural Resilience through Innovative Development]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 12:10

REWARD (Rejuvenating Watersheds for Agricultural Resilience through Innovative Development) Project is an important initiative taken by the government of India. Our country has many challenges when it comes to watershed management.

Watersheds are smaller bodies of water but help determine the path of the water to larger bodies like rivers, lakes, and seas. When watershed management isn’t up to the mark, farmers face the biggest threat. For the welfare of farmers and to increase their income, the REWARD Project has been launched in India.

REWARD Project - Overview

It is a project launched in India by the national and some state governments. This project is launched by the government of India and the World Bank in partnership. The state governments of Karnataka and Odisha are also main partners in launching the REWARD Project. According to the latest report, a deal of USD 115 million has been signed between the respective partners for this project.

Apart from improving watershed management, this project will also make farmers in India more resilient to climate change. Apart from the participating states (Karnataka and Odisha), this project will also help other states in India to learn effective watershed management. Read on to know more about the REWARD Project and its significance.

REWARD Project Initiative

REWARD is a six-year-long project applied in India. Even though Karnataka and Odisha are the main partners of the project, the government of India will spread awareness about watershed management in the entire country. REWARD gathered headlines as it is among the largest water management projects on the globe.

The Indian government, the Department of Land Resources, and the Ministry of Rural Development are the main representatives of the REWARD Project. The funding for this project is being offered by the World Bank. However, the Indian government and the respective state governments will be the supervisors for this project.

IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development), which is the lending department of the World Bank, will be providing the funds needed for this project. Since the funding is offered by World Bank in the form of a loan, it also has a maturity period. The loan offered for the REWARD Project has a maturity tenure of 15 years. However, India can also repay the loan in 4.5 years to avoid interest charges as it is the grace period.

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REWARD Project Initiative Objectives

Several Objectives of the REWARD initiative are as follows:

  • To set a proper plan for land and water conservation within the country.
  • To prevent soil run-off and adopt rainwater harvesting techniques.
  • To restore the groundwater table and natural vegetation within the country.
  • To improve the ability of state and central governments to launch better watershed management policies.
  • To reduce the impact of climate change on farmers within the country.

The REWARD Project is a major watershed management program for India. In the coming years, several initiatives will be taken under the REWARD Project. Learn more about the REWARD program.

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FAQs on the REWARD Project

Q.1. How much funding will Karnataka receive via the REWARD Project?

Karnataka will receive USD 60 million via the REWARD Project.

Q.2. How much funding will Odisha receive via the REWARD Project?

Odisha will receive USD 49 million via the REWARD Project.

Q.3. Who is offering the funding for the REWARD Project?

IBRD, the lending organisation of the World Bank is offering the funding required for the REWARD Project.

Q.4. What is the tenure of the REWARD project in India?

REWARD Project is a six-year-long project for watershed management in India.

Q.5. What is the total budget of the REWARD Project?

The total budget of the REWARD Project in India is USD 115 million.