What is Padhe Bharat Campaign?

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 6:53

Education is crucial for the development of a human. The literacy level of a population also directly impacts a country's progress on a global level. Humans are one of the few primary resources available in abundance to us. It is up to intelligent leaders to utilize human resources to their full potential. A great example is Japan.

All the development and technological progress made in the country is its literate population's direct efforts and contribution. Education is not only a necessity but also a right that each human is entitled to. India's Right to Education Act in 2014 made it mandatory for everyone to get free education up to a particular school level. Padhe Bharat Campaign is another initiative undertaken by the government in the same direction.

Padhe Bharat Campaign Overview

The Union Minister of Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, encourages everyone to adopt the habit of reading and share their reading suggestions with others. Shri Pradhan wants to create an inspiring environment where students read for pleasure or are motivated to read books independently.

He also stressed that reading is an essential habit that will help students cultivate or develop skills through an enjoyable process.

Features of Padhe Bharat Campaign

  • Padhe Bharat Campaign was launched on January 1st, 2022 ( New Year's Day) to April 10th, 2022
  • The Ministry of Education introduced it. The Campaign focuses on kids studying in Balvatika to Class 8.
  • Padhe Bharat Campaign is a reading campaign that will be organized for 14 weeks or 100 days.
  • Parents, children, teachers, educational institutions, administrators, or the community at the state or national level must participate in this reading campaign.
  • Every group has been assigned one activity per week to make reading pleasurable and cultivate a lifelong habit.
  • The Campaign's goals and objectives align with the Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission.
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Aim of Padhe Bharat Campaign

  • To inculcate the habit of early reading, writing, comprehension and numeracy skills in children.
  • To associate reading as a joyful habit and help the kids connect with real situations.
  • To improve the language development in children and preserve the cultural heritage by encouraging all participating parties to read books in their regional language or mother tongue.
  • To create a positive interest in mathematics related to the social and physical world.
  • To make the children independent and curious readers with comprehension and writing skills so they develop lasting reading/writing habits.

Padhe Bharat Campaign - Integration with International Mother Language Day

Since 1999, every year on February 21st has been observed as International Mother Language Day. The day also commemorates the severe struggle faced by the Bangladeshis to protect their mother tongue/language Bangla. Rafiqul Islam suggested the idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day, a Bangladeshi residing in Canada.

The meaning behind choosing the date is historic. On February 21st, 1952, hundreds of Bangladeshis were massacred in Dhaka during Bangla Language Movement.

The interaction of the Padhe Bharat Campaign and International Mother Language Day aims that preserve and promote mother languages. It also seeks to safeguard the intellectual heritage and diverse culture of different regions worldwide.

The central goal behind Padhe Bharat Campaign, or the 100 days Reading Campaign, is to encourage students, teachers, parents, and other members of society to read. Reading is a joyful experience, and everyone, significantly the students, should benefit from it.

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FAQs on the Padhe Bharat Campaign

Q.1. Who launched the Padhe Bharat Campaign?

The Union Minister of Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, launched the Padhe Bharat Campaign.

Q.2. What is the duration of the Padhe Bharat Campaign?

The duration of the Padhe Bharat Campaign is hundred days.

Q.3. Who declared International Mother Language Day, with regard to the Padhe Bharat Campaign?

India has taken steps to integrate Padhe Bharat Campaign with the International Mother Language Day. UNESCO declared International Mother Language Day on February 21st.

Q.4. Name one other similar initiative to the Padhe Bharat Campaign.

Another initiative to the Padhe Bharat Campaign is National Education Policy 2020 is a similar initiative to Padhe Bharat Campaign and is undertaken by the government of India.

Q.5. To whom is the Padhe Bharat Campaign aimed?

The Padhe Bharat Campaign is aimed at pupils up to grade 8.