Project ARYA - Attracting and Retaining the Youth in Agriculture

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 8:37

Project ARYA focuses on generating employment to have a steady flow of income in rural households. The development of agriculture takes place, which further strengthens the rural areas. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research brought this project into existence and implemented it in 2015-16.

The Significance of Project ARYA is to encourage the youth to participate in different kinds of agricultural activities and other entrepreneurial ventures related to the allied sectors.

Objectives of Project ARYA

Project ARYA was established with several primary and secondary motives. Some of these objectives are listed below:

  • Grab the attention of the youth of rural India and encourage them to contribute to the agricultural sector of India
  • Create relevant employment opportunities so that the rural households have a steady and regular income flow into their households
  • Creating network groups so that the rural youth can prosper and take up jobs in the upcoming sectors and functions like data processing, marketing, etc.
  • Demonstrate possible linkages with stakeholders and institutions to bring together several opportunities from different sectors and fields

Key points about Project ARYA

  • There is a Krishi Vigyan Kendra in every district. Project ARYA will be implemented in every district with the help of these kinds
  • The rural youth under this programme are trained in several roles and job functions like creating vermicompost, seed processing, soil testing, different managing poultry, etc.
  • Also, the people interested in coming up with their entrepreneurial ventures under Project ARYA will be taught how to make reports to apply for bank loans to fund their ventures easily.
  • Also, one of the primary objectives of Project ARYA is to promote Green Revolution and support agriculture in all the states of India.
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Benefits of Project ARYA

There are several benefits of Project ARYA. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It will help the rural youth create a regular and steady source of income for their households.
  • The project will create several employment opportunities that will help people looking for jobs and better opportunities in the rural areas.
  • It will also try to showcase the importance of farming and then make it one of the most coveted career aspirations.
  • It will also bring about a change and progress in the way agriculture is done in India, which will also improve the country's economic situation at a macro level.
  • The best thing that Project ARYA is trying to do is retain the country's rural youth in the rural region by creating enough opportunities in rural India.
  • With a rise in agriculture, the problem of food security will also be solved with proper planning and structured agriculture.

Project ARYA is an initiative by the Government to motivate India's youth to stay in the rural areas. It aims at creating enough opportunities for the youth in the agricultural sector so that the youth will not have to migrate from villages to urban areas. It is a significant step that the Government of India has taken.

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FAQs on Project ARYA

Q.1. What does ARYA's in Project ARYA stand for?

ARYA stands for Attracting and Retaining the Youth in Agriculture in Project ARYA.

Q.2. Which body implemented Project ARYA?

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research or the ICAR is responsible for implementing Project ARYA.

Q.3. Which body will be responsible for implementing Project ARYA in different districts?

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra of every district will be responsible for implementing Project ARYA in different districts.

Q.4. In which year was Project ARYA implemented?

Project ARYA was implemented in 2015-16.

Q.5. What is the primary motive of Project ARYA?

The primary motive of Project ARYA is to improve the rural economy and attract India's youth to agriculture.