PM WANI - PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 2, 2022, 8:04

The PM WANI initiative is a recent initiative launched by the Modi Government to make the internet accessible. The PM WANI initiative is an acronym for Public Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. This project aims to set up public Wi-Fi systems across the country.

What is PM-WANI?

The PM WANI scheme refers to the public Wi-Fi network service. The Public Data Office Aggregators will be responsible for setting up these systems in the country to make the Wi-Fi services available to everyone. These services will be provided by the Public Data Offices or the PDOs of every region.

The best thing about the PM WANI scheme is that no license fee would be charged to provide these services to India's common people. It is an excellent step towards technological advancement in a country like India.

Benefits of the PM WANI Scheme

There are several benefits that the PM WANI scheme has brought about in the country. Some of them are listed below:

  • It will bring a new wave of internet users to the country. The PM WANI scheme will increase the penetration of the internet even in rural India, and it will open up a whole new world of commercial and entertainment options for everyone
  • With the PM WANI scheme, connectivity will no longer be a problem
  • The PM WANI scheme will act as an enabler of digital India, where Wi-Fi services will be available for even a small shopkeeper
  • The TRAI report estimates that the internet penetration will increase by about 10%, which in turn will lead to a 1.4% increase in the GDP
  • Also, with the PM WANI scheme, the digital divide between the rural and urban India would be erased, and it will bring both these worlds closer
  • The internet service provided by the Government under the PM WANI scheme will be cheaper compared the once people avail of the private 5G service providers
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Challenges faced by the PM WANI Scheme

India is a vast country, and implementing the PM WANI scheme will come with many challenges. Some of these challenges are:

  • The entire network will be prone to multiple security threats. Millions of people will access the internet from one singular device installed at a particular place.
  • Transmission of private data on such a widespread network would be a massive challenge as there could be any security leakage.
  • A public Wi-Fi will offer a very slow speed as thousands of people will access it at once

However, these problems can be solved with robust cyber security architecture.

PM WANI Significance

The PM WANI scheme aims at making India technologically independent by installing internet systems throughout the country. Currently, internet penetration is relatively low in rural India, but the PM WANI scheme will make all efforts to fix the problem. If appropriately implemented, it will be the next huge step for the country.

It is a move to make the country more technologically solid and self-reliant. Also, this will make access to information quite convenient for everyone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the installation of public Wi-Fi everywhere in India under the PM WANI Scheme. This happened on the 9th of December, 2020.

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Q.1. When was Wi-Fi installation across India approved under the PM WANI initiative?

The installation of Wi-Fi devices across India was approved on the 9th of December, 2020, under the PM WANI initiative.

Q.2. What is the full form of PM WANI?

PM WANI stands for Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface.

Q.3. What is the primary role of the PM WANI scheme?

The primary role of the PM WANI scheme is to set up public Wi-Fi throughout the country.

Q.4. Who will be responsible for implementing the PM WANI scheme?

The Public data offices of the PDOs of different areas will be responsible for implementing the PM WANI scheme.

Q.5. By what per cent will the internet penetration increase after the implementation of the PM WANI scheme?

The penetration of the internet will increase by 10 per cent after the implementation of the PM WANI scheme.