PM eVIDYA Scheme Portals: Aim, Advantages and Benefits

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 2, 2023, 16:54

Covid-19 caused much destruction, and if one area felt it the most, it is education. Because of the continuous lockdowns, students could not go to schools and colleges to study. Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, introduced a PM eVIDYA initiative to educate themselves despite all odds. The launch of various online models as part of this initiative will give quality education to students.

This blog offers information about the Indian Governments’ initiative to fight all odds and ensure that the country’s students receive the best education.

What is PM eVidya?

PM eVIDYA, a digital platform for the entire country and a TV channel, One Class One Channel, will be available for students from class 2 to 12. The Government will also provide radio podcasts for visually and hearing challenged pupils. The administration will ensure that pupils’ education does not suffer due to the lockdown.

The launch of the PM eVIDYA programme by the Indian Government was on May 30, 2020. After which, the country’s top hundred universities began offering online education to students. 

Many students in the country have no internet connection to join online classes. The launch of the Swayam Prabha DTH channel is to impart education to all of those pupils. Under this strategy, the Government would create twelve other channels—a Diksha portal, including e-content and QR code, charged books for all classes.

What is the Aim of PM eVidya?

The PM eVIDYA program aims to deliver high-quality education to all students in the country. Because of the lockdown, education is one of the most affected areas. As a result, the Indian Government has launched this programme to provide online education to all the country’s students. Students receive an education; instead, they can receive instruction from the comfort of their own homes. It will save many resources while increasing system transparency.

TV Channels For PM eVIDYA

The Government will extend the PM eVidya programme from 12 to 200 TV channels to impart supplemental instruction and develop a resilient education mechanism. Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, spoke of schools closing because of the pandemic. Students, particularly those living in rural regions and belonging to scheduled castes, tribes, etc., have missed two years of formal education. She has also stated that most pupils impacted by the epidemic attend government schools or institutions.

PM eVidya Scheme Portals:

  1. For the digital infrastructure for knowledge sharing model is available in many languages, the Indian Government provides all the aids for learning as required by the prescribed School curriculum. This portal aims to make learning enjoyable. 
  2. The Swayam Portal is a free video-based learning tool that comprises doubt clearing sessions and self-assessment tests and aims at giving access to quality education to all, irrespective of their economic status. 
  3. The Swayam Prabha TV channels are a series of DTH channels that impart quality educational content.
  4. The visually impaired and those students who have no access to any other educational source can use the Mukta Vidya Vani and Shiksha Vani podcast.
  5. The Indian Government provides educational connections to children with special needs with special e-content by giving them access to the National Institute for open schooling. 
  6. Students preparing for the professional exam like NEET and IITPal can use channel Number 22, which offers them the necessary coaching. 

Advantages of the PMeVidya

The following are the advantages of the PM eVidya programme:

  1. Students who do not have access to the Internet will benefit from a television channel that imparts education.
  2. The channel will contain everything that a student need to satisfy their need. 
  3. The blind or deaf pupils will receive a radio podcast.
  4. Students may learn using e-content.

The following are some of the additional benefits of the PM eVidya scheme:

  1. Schools, students and teachers will have a new national curriculum and educational system. 
  2. Visually and hearing-impaired children will have access to a unique e-content.
  3. Experts will hold live interactive sessions through Skype from their homes.
  4. It has transformed the way people communicate privately.

Any student who wishes to avail of the benefits of the PM eVidya scheme must visit the official website and benefit from all the services listed there—the Indian Government’s initiative to provide quality education to the country’s children.

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FAQs About PM eVidya

What is PM eVidya?

PM eVidya is an initiative of the Government of India, Education Ministry, to provide students and teachers with multi-mode access to digital/online teaching-learning content of various types.

Is PM eVidya open to all?

Yes, all students in India can register for PM eVidya.

How can I watch PM eVidya?

To Watch PM eVidya, it is generally available in any of the DTH services.