World Sports Journalist Day: History, Significance and Skills Required

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 31, 2022, 8:00

Globally, World Sports Journalist Day is observed on 2nd July every year. This day is meant to acknowledge the work of sports journalists around the world. The recognition of their work keeps them motivated to work with more efficiency and commitment. Their coverage of international sports tournaments helps millions of people around the world to receive accurate and timely information about their favourite sports, matches, tournaments, and sports personalities. They also report the latest information from every sporting event of importance. The contribution of these professionals helps develop and strengthen sporting culture all around the world.

Sports Journalism is a form of reporting on any sporting topic. It is one of the essential sections of any media organization. There are huge local and national associations of journalists involved with sports news. They maintain a very high standard of sports journalism.

Significance of the World Sports Journalist Day

This day aims to encourage and acknowledge various sports journalists for doing their work. It is also observed to celebrate the professionals and the foundation of AIPS.

History of World Sports Journalist Day

World sports journalist day was established in the year 1994 by AIPS. Moreover, the day also celebrates the creation of the association of AIPS. This day happens to glorify the achievement of the various sports media persons. However, it encourages various sports journalists to set an example of their achievement in front of the world. Many athletes also tweet about this particular day to show their gratitude towards their favourite sports journalist.

How to celebrate World Sports Journalist Day

World sports journalists day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge all the sports journalists. The sports associations worldwide organize various programs to mark this day as the world sports journalist day. It is an important day in the life of a sports journalist. This day marks different kinds of achievements of various sports media members. Moreover, it encourages various journalists to work harder.

To maintain high standards of journalism in sports, there are various national news articles associated with sports journalism worldwide. They can connect via the International Sports Press Association. This association was founded in Paris during the Summer Olympics on 2nd July 1924. It has 160 national associations all over the world. It comprises many national associations and continental sub-associations. 

Skills required in a Sports Journalist

You need to have excellent communication and strong knowledge regarding sports to be a sports journalist. Students with bachelor's degrees in journalism, English or communication are ideal sports journalists. One can obtain the experience and additional training by involving themselves with information and news regarding various sports.

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FAQs about World Sports Journalist Day

  • When is world sports journalist day observed?

World sports journalist day is observed on 2nd July every year.

  • Why is sports journalist day important?

This day recognizes the various sports journalists from all over the world and helps encourage them in their line of work.

  • When was sports journalist day established?

Sports journalist day was established in the year 1994 by AIPS.