National Integration Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 20, 2022, 6:52

National Integration Day is observed on November 19th every year on the birth anniversary of the nation's first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. The day is also referred to as Quami Ekta Diwas.

The mission of observing the day is to foster unity, serenity, harmony, and fraternity among the people of the country, coming from different backgrounds and races.

What is National Integration Day?

On November 19, the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi is observed as National Integration Day. Different initiatives are taken to commemorate the day, encouraging bonding between people nationwide.

Other programs and activities like the Inter-State Youth Exchange Program (ISYEP), National Integration Camp (NIC), National Youth Festival, National Youth Award, and others are held. Symposiums, seminars, and cultural activities are also organised across the country to address national integration-related issues.

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National Integration Day History

The birth anniversary of the first female president of India, Indira Gandhi, was picked to commemorate National Integration Day because of her unmatched popularity amongst people regardless of background, ethnicity, or religious belief.

She was appointed as the prime minister of India in 1966. She was instrumental in bolstering the country's democratic structure and traditions. Some of the popular initiatives encouraged by her during her tenure include signing the Shimla Pact (1992) and the Indo-Soviet Treaty (1971), the first-ever space mission of an Indian (Rakesh Sharma), and the creation of 14 nationalised banks in 1969 during the period of economic upheaval.

National Integration Day Objective

India is a culturally diverse country. It has different people belonging to different backgrounds, practising different languages, traditions, and religious beliefs. So, promoting brotherhood and solidarity in the country is important to maintain the sovereignty of the land. So, this is the reason behind celebrating National Integration Day.

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When Did National Integration Day Start?

Indira Gandhi was murdered by two of her security officers at her own residence on October 31st, 1984. After her death, the official declaration was made to observe her birthday as National Integration Day.

National Integration Day Theme

National Integration Day is commemorated by organising different programmes on different days of an entire week.

  • Minority welfare Day
  • Linguistic harmony day
  • Day for the weaker sections of society
  • Cultural unity day
  • Conservation Day

National Integration Day Significance

The observance of National Integration Day promotes unity nationwide. For a country like India, which has a diverse culture and tradition, this day plays an important role in promoting sovereignty.

The day is intended to prevent our country's youngsters from engaging in anti-social and anti-national activities and behaviours that may potentially ruin the nation's unity.

When it comes to politics and ministries, women's participation is significantly lower than in any other sector. However, veteran politician Indira Gandhi put an end to that tradition and became the first female president of India. So, this day holds great importance for paying tribute to her.

The commemoration of National Integration Day is a great way to promote integrity within the country along with paying tribute to one of the most popular prime ministers of India, Indira Gandhi.

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FAQs on National Integration Day

Q.1. When is National Integration Day observed?

National Integration Day is observed on the 19th of November every year, which is the birthday of the first-ever lady prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Q.2. What is the motto for celebrating National Integration Day?

The purpose of National Integration Day is to honour and promote the country's unity, friendliness, and solidarity among individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.

Q.3. When did the first National Integration Day occur?

Indira Gandhi was a well-known prime minister and the country's first female prime minister. People admired and respected her for her revolutionary actions during her tenure. So, after her assassination on October 31st, 1984, citizens of the country began to commemorate National Integration Day to pay tribute to her contributions and influences.

Q.4. Keeping the National Integration Day in mind, who heads the national integration council of India?

Keeping the National Integration Day in mind, the prime minister heads the national integration council of India.

Q.5. With regards to the National Integration Day, what is an integration camp?

Integration camp refers to the gatherings of individuals belonging to various cultures with the goal of fostering harmonious and peaceful relationships among them.