Format of Formal Letter: Types and Example of Formal Letter

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 22, 2023, 12:16

We write formal letter applications while communicating with official bodies right from school to work. In almost every profession, formal letters are a must to communicate with higher authorities to keep the work running smoothly. Therefore, understanding the formal application format will allow you to learn a skill that may prove to be a powerful tool in the future. 

Standard Format of a Formal Letter 

  • Address of the Sender/Your Address 
  • The date of writing the letter
  • Name of the person the letter is being addressed to
  • Address of the person the letter is being addressed to 
  • A formal salutation 
  • A solid subject line 
  • Body – Introduction, Content, Conclusion
  • A complimentary close
  • Signature/Name of the Sender
  • Designation of the Sender

Types of Formal Letters

Types of Formal Letters in Details are as follows:

Letter of Inquiry:

A letter of inquiry is the most basic form of a formal letter, where you ask or collect information required for your business or other standard inquiry work. Such letters will adorn a formal inquisitive character through which your goal is to acquire information. Letters of inquiry are used for job inquiries, hidden prices, terms and conditions of an agreement, etc. 

Points to remember: 

  • Mention the name of the organization. 
  • Describe the area of inquiry in complete detail.
  • Use clear and understandable language.
  • Set a deadline for the information you require. 

Order Letter:

This is a formal letter through which a buyer wishes to purchase specific products in specific quantities. It should compulsorily contain the following points: 

  • The model number, the quantity, and the number of specific goods the buyer wishes to purchase. 
  • Detailed information about the shipping procedure, mode, and location. 
  • All the payment details. 

Letter of Complaint:

A complaint letter is written when the requirements of a service or a product are not up to the mark. In this instance, your letter must contain the following things: 

  • Problems faced are to be specified. 
  • The action you expect from the company to compensate for the loss.
  • Clear details of the order you received, including its number, date of arrival, and date of the previous complaint. 
  • The receipt or invoice. 
  • A deadline within which you expect a reply from them. 

Other forms of formal letters used are replies to a letter of complaint, sales letters, promotion letters, and recovery letters. 

An Example of a Formal Letter 

Here is a standard formal letter example to help you better understand how they are written.

POV: You are a part of an advertising firm, and you work as a marketing agency for prominent brands. You are writing a letter to a company posing an inquiry about the product that they sent you to advertise. 

Live Advertisers Company Pvt. Ltd., 

Saket, Delhi- 81 

Date: ……. 


C-12, Azad Nagar East, 


Mr Anupam Kubba,

This is to bring to your notice that we have received your product for advertising purposes, with the technical descriptions being Product ID 150548, Model No. LA E11824, Frame Size Narrow, Frame Width 132 mm, Frame Dimensions 52-17-140, and Frame colour Gold Transparent. 

We would like to inquire about the description of the model you want us to hire for the advertisement. 

It would be sufficient to provide the details within 5-6 working days. 

Thanking You, 

Sanjukta Sethi 

Advertising Head 

Live Advertisers Company Pvt. Ltd 

Formal letters are written in almost every formal profession, so understanding their basics is imperative in the professional world.

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FAQs about Format of Formal Letter

What should be included in a formal letter format? 

Address of the sender/your address, the date on which the letter is written, name of the person the letter is being addressed to, address of the person the letter is being addressed to, a formal salutation, a solid subject line, body – introduction, content, conclusion, a complimentary close, signature/name of the sender, and designation of the sender. 

What are the different types of formal letters? 

Letter of inquiry, order letter, letter of complaint, reply to a complaint, sales letters, promotion letters, and recovery letters.

Where is a letter of inquiry usually placed? 

A letter of inquiry is used in the course of a job inquiry, hidden prices, terms and conditions of an agreement, etc.