Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 1, 2022, 6:43

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] is a body constituted to elevate Indian zoos to global standards. This body oversees the management of the animals kept in zoos across India. The CZA undertakes several efforts to ensure the upkeep and care of animals in the country.

Here is what you need to know about the Central Zoo Authority [CZA].

Establishment of the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] was set up in 1992 to take care of the animals in Indian zoos and conserve the country's rich biodiversity

The Indian Government formed this statutory body under the Ministry of Environment and Forests

It was created under section 38A of the Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972. The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] is an associate of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

Purpose of the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

Before the formation of CZA, many zoos in India lacked proper management of animals. The animals were kept in unsuitable enclosures. The zoos didn't maintain any record of breeding animals. This led to inbreeding and hybridisation on several occasions.

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] was established to address such issues faced by the Indian zoos. The Central Zoo Authority [CZA]'s major purpose is to decide and implement minimum norms and standards for maintaining animals in suitable conditions in Indian zoos and ensuring their good health.

The statutory body also undertakes the responsibility to prevent ill-conceived and unplanned zoos from functioning. Another important purpose of the body is to support the nationwide attempt to conserve wildlife.

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Significance of the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

Every zoo in India has to be recognised by the Central Zoo Authority [CZA] to operate. TIt assesses the zoos based on the prescribed rules and regulations for this purpose. It has the authority to deny recognition to any zoo that has no potential to maintain the prescribed norms.

It can also derecognise such zoos and ask them to discontinue functioning and shut down.

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] provides financial and technical support to such zoos that have the potential to improve their animal management standard. This apart, the authority identifies endangered species that can be bred in captivity and assigns the responsibility to a capable zoo.

The authority also facilitates animal exchange to boost breeding. It organises and coordinates programs to educate zoo personnel about captive breeding.

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Key Facts about the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

  • The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] has assessed 347 zoos since its formation in 1992.
  • It has granted recognition to 164 zoos and refused recognition to 183 zoos.
  • The CZA has established a laboratory in Hyderabad to conserve endangered species.
  • It has initiated the planned breeding of red pandas and their release into the wild.
  • The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] takes the initiative to provide better health care for animals living in Indian zoos

Zoos play an important role in safeguarding many animals and birds from endangerment. As the natural habitats of animals are getting destroyed, zoos come across as a safe place to help them breed and survive. The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] ensures that the animals housed in Indian zoos get a healthy environment to survive and flourish.

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FAQs on Central Zoo Authority [CZA]

Q1. What Is the Structure of the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]?

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] has ten members. It also has a member secretary and a chairman.

Q2. Does the Central Zoo Authority [CZA] Adopt the Role of a Regulator?

The Central Zoo Authority [CZA] works more as a facilitator than being a regulator.

Q3. What Happens to the Animals in the Zoos Shut Down by the Central Zoo Authority [CZA]?

As of date, 90 zoos have shut down after the Central Zoo Authority [CZA] denied them recognition. The animals of such zoos have been suitably relocated.

Q4. Does the Central Zoo Authority [CZA] Regulate the Exchange of Endangered Animals Among Zoos?

Yes, the Central Zoo Authority [CZA] is responsible for regulating the exchange of endangered animals among zoos.