Transaction & Concurrency Control

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Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 16:58

Transaction and Concurrency Control questions in is an important function of DBMS, and it ensures the reliability of the databases. The DBMS, or Database Management Systems, plays a significant role in Computer Science. The Transaction & Concurrency Control for Computer Science are interdependent, and it helps with simultaneous operations involved in Database study. The Transaction Control is a sequence of actions that involves multiple processes and is passed by a single application program that updates database contents. Concurrency Control is the process of handling multiple database operations without any obstruction, and data is shared between multiple users.

Important Transaction & Concurrency Control Topics for GATE CS

Within the Transaction & Concurrency Control topics for GATE CS, there are multiple sub-topics that helps with understanding and handling the databases. These are two different topics that are mutually dependent on each other.



Transaction Control

Transaction Control is a sequence of actions that are passed by a single application program. It includes a number of processes on the database, and is represented as an atomic unit of work. It is a number of data items within the database. The four important components are atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability of the data processes.

Concurrency Control

This is the simultaneous execution of multiple transactions, and these are all related operations. It helps in connecting or executing transactions simultaneously over a range of shared databases.

The Transaction & Concurrency Control syllabus for GATE includes understanding the concepts for both the topics. It is an important topic under Databases, and both theoretical and conversion questions are part of the GATE Exam.

Tips to Solve Transaction & Concurrency Control Questions in GATE CS Exam

The Transaction & Concurrency Control notes for GATE CS is a complicated topic and mostly based on algorithms and concepts. Understanding the methods for conversion of the events from the database helps in the quick solving of the questions.

  • Study Transaction & Concurrency Control notes for GATE PDF thoroughly for understanding both the topics. The topics are interrelated, and hence both have equal weightage.
  • The Transaction & Concurrency Control MCQ questions help in understanding the fundamentals and question patterns.
  • Focus more on preparing and understanding the interference problems under the Concurrency Control.

Importance of Transaction & Concurrency Control in GATE Exam

  • The topic is highly scoring. A total of nearly 18 questions comes from the Transaction & Concurrency Control GATE syllabus.
  • The average marks for each of the questions is around 1.72, and hence it holds a great significance.
  • The Transaction & Concurrency Control study material for GATE CS is readily available with all the shortcuts, tips, and tricks.
  • Preparing for the Transaction & Concurrency Control GATE questions helps in preparing for other topics of Databases even.

Most Recommended Books for Transaction & Concurrency Control

There is no particular Transaction & Concurrency Control book for the GATE Exam, but it is mostly recommended to follow books on DBMS.

Book Name


Transaction Information System

Morgan Kaufmann Series

Database System


Fundamentals of Database Systems

Elmasri & Navathe

Why Prepare Transaction & Concurrency Control from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep Notes are streamlined and planned strategically, which helps in preparing for the GATE CSE exam. There are multiple Transaction & Concurrency Control online tests uploaded, based on previous years’ paper and pattern for practice. The faculties and mentors have 10+ years of academic experience, and provide guidance with all types of questions and related topics. The selective Transaction & Concurrency Control GATE questions and answers PDF at BYJU'S Exam Prep helps with better preparation.The topic is database-related and hence has a lot of algorithms and data. The best way to prepare for the GATE exam is to read GATE-oriented notes, which include precise topics under it that are relevant. The Transaction & Concurrency Control MCQ PDF has questions that help in understanding the pattern of questions asked in the GATE Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Under which category does Transaction & Concurrency Control fall?

It is an important topic while preparing for the CSE GATE exam. It falls under the umbrella topic of Database Management System (DBMS).

Q. Out of the two statements given below, which of them is true?

a) Schedule following strict two-phase locking protocol is both conflict serializable and recoverable.

b) Checkpoints in schedule are inserted for recoverability.

The correct answer is (a) because it is a basic two-phase protocol. Due to this, it provides both conflict serializability and recoverability is ensured by the two-phase locking protocol.

Q. How to prepare for Transaction & Concurrency Control?

The best way to prepare for this topic is to solve as many as Transaction & Concurrency Control quiz. It helps in better practice.

Q. What is an example of a theoretical question?

When there is a non-serial interleaving between T1 and T2 for concurrent execution, it leads to A schedule that is non-conflict serializable

Q. Where to start the preparation for Transaction and Concurrency Control for GATE CS?

Start preparing by understanding the basic concepts and clarifying the foundations. This should be followed by solving Transaction & Concurrency Control online quiz for more practice.