Theory of Computation

By : Anand Pandey

Check here Theory of Computation notes for GATE and CSE. In Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Theory of Computation deals with how well the problems can be resolved on a model of computation with the help of an algorithm. It is one of the important subjects carrying topics such as Regular expressions and finite automata, Context-free grammars and pushdown automata, Regular and context-free languages, Pumping lemma, Turing machines, and undecidability with an average weightage of 8-9 marks.

Below is the topic-wise expert plan and study material of Theory of computation for GATE, BARC, ISRO and other CS exams.

Theory of ComputationTheory of Computation Important Formulas
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Theory of Computation Best Books
GATE Weightage Analysis of Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation Notes for Computer Science Engineering

Regular expressions and finite automataRegular Expressions and Finite Automata Notes
Context-free grammars and pushdown automataContext-free grammars and pushdown automata
Regular and context-free languagesRegular and context-free languages Notes
Pumping LemmaPumping Lemma Notes
Turing machinesTuring Machines Notes
UndecidabilityUndecidability Notes

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Theory of Computation