Syntax-directed translation for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 28, 2021, 0:13

The syntax-directed translation is a source language translation method. It is a compiler implementation that is driven directly by the parser. Going by the Syntax-directed translation book, you must know the different types of Metaprogramming languages, including the META II, and TREE-META. The syntax-directed translation results in a syntax-directed definition work in a context-free grammar environment to add the actions. Semantics can be attached to the syntaxes using the syntax-directed translation.

Syntax-directed translation GATE questions are asked in a number of engineering exams as well as in several interviews. Therefore, you need to have a firm grasp over the syntax directed translation through proper study material resources, quizzes, mock tests.

Important Syntax-directed translation Topics for GATE CS

The syntax-directed translation is a broad topic and has a considerable syllabus. The major topics for Syntax-directed translation study material for GATE CS are given below.



Synthesised Attributes

These attributes only depend on the values of children nodes.

Inherited Attributes

These attributes depend on parent or sibling attributes.

Lexical values of nodes

In this analysis, we take input and produce a series of symbols known as lexical tokens. These lexical tokens can be handled easily by the parsers during translation.

Tips to Solve Syntax-directed translation Questions in GATE Exam

The following are some tips that you can follow while solving Syntax-directed translation questions. Prepare for the topic by solving last year question papers well.

  • Syntax-directed translation GATE questions and answers PDF are based on the semantic facilitating on the grammar free contexts. Hence, you should focus on the compiler translation part.
  • Prepare excellent Syntax-directed translation notes for the GATE that contains all the details of the network concept. Those Syntax-directed translation GATE notes will help you in revisions.
  • Practice on Syntax-directed translation online quiz from online sites. These online tests help you in preparation for the real exam.
  • Be clear with the Syntax-directed translation topics for GATE CS as many repetitive topics such as TCP/UDP and sockets.

Importance of Syntax-directed translation in GATE Exam

Here's why Syntax-directed translation is an integral part of the GATE and other competitive exams.

  • It checks whether you can pass the information using the SDT nodes up and down the parse tree. It also checks your grasp on the Syntax-directed translation GATE syllabus.
  • The weightage of this topic is 2% to 5% in the exam.
  • GATE requires you to acquire the basic knowledge of Syntax-directed translation algorithms. It helps in the interconnecting of semantics and syntax.
  • These concepts are used in real-life situations as a software engineer solving various compiler implementation processes.

Most Recommended Books for Syntax-directed translation for GATE CS Exam

The following are some excellent books of Syntax-directed translation for computer science that can help you prepare for the Syntax-directed translation syllabus for GATE.

Book Title


Compiler Design

A. A. Puntambekar

Compilers: Principles Techniques and Tool

A.V. Aho

An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata

Peter Linz

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Q. How do synthesised attributes work in parsing?

Synthesised attributes depend on the children nodes, and they represent information that is passed up the tree.

Q. What is the importance of meta compilers?

Meta compilers take meta programs as their input data to process the information. They are an essential element of metaprogramming.

Q.Which other exams, Syntax-directed translation is asked other than GATE?

The syntax-directed translation is an essential topic and is asked in other exams such as PSU CS, CAT, SDE roles and more. It helps in the interlinking of syntax and semantics.

Q. How does SDT work?

They embed the program fragments in the production bodies and hence makes it efficient for implementation.

Q. What is type checking?

In type checking, we verify that the program is written and run in the type of the system language, otherwise it would show an error.