Searching and Sorting

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 16:47

Searching is a term used to describe finding a particular element from a set of various elements. Sorting means the arrangement of elements based on some criteria. These topics are an essential component of many engineering competitive examinations like the GATE CS, JEE, etc.

Searching & Sorting in GATE CS are related to each other as searching finds the particular elements which are arranged in the process of sorting.

Know how to get the searching & sorting study material for GATE CS, searching & sorting GATE questions and answers pdf, searching & sorting online quizzes, searching & sorting topics for GATE CS, searching & sorting notes for GATE pdf, and searching & sorting online tests. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the topics to prepare for the GATE CS.

Important Searching & Sorting Topics for GATE CS



Linear search

It is the simplest form of searching where the system starts searching from the beginning till it finds the particular element.

Binary search

The elements in binary search are assumed to be in a specific order, so it involves the following steps:

  • Finding the middle number
  • Searching only left elements, if the searching number is lesser than the middle number.
  • Searching only the right elements, if the searching number is greater than the middle number

Internal sorting

When the number of elements in the sorting process is small, it fits into the memory, it is known as internal sorting.

External sorting

When the number of elements in the sorting process is large, some elements do not fit into the memory, it is known as external sorting.

Bubble sort

Bubble sort is a sorting process that involves reportedly comparing adjacent pairs of elements and checking if they are in the right order. If the order is not right, then the pair is swapped, and the process continues until no swaps are needed.

Insertion sorting

In insertion sorting, an element is removed and inserted in the correct position after every successful iteration in the list as this involves passing through the elements only once. Hence, it is a faster and efficient way of sorting elements.

Tips to Solve Searching & Sorting Questions for GATE

Following are some tips to keep in mind while preparing for questions on searching & sorting:

  • There are many numerical, types, and working principles involved in searching & sorting, so practice as much as possible to solve questions faster in the examinations.
  • Make a diagram for every question as 90% can easily be solved in the diagram itself.
  • Do not leave out any subtopics or types from this topic, as any topic can be tested in the examination.
  • Practice numerical and tabular diagrams questions for searching and sorting, especially in sorting questions, to help you understand problems easily and score well.

Importance of Searching & Sorting in the GATE Exam

Here's why searching & sorting forms an essential part of GATE:

  • Searching & sorting are among the most important components of engineering examinations, as every year, these examinations include a lot of questions on searching & sorting.
  • The weightage of searching & sorting in the GATE CS examination is one of the highest, so practicing it will help you score well.
  • Around 18 questions are asked every year on topics related to searching & sorting in the GATE CS.
  • Searching & sorting topics are tested for around 29 marks in the GATE CS.

Most Recommended Books for Searching & Sorting for GATE

There are many books to prepare for searching & sorting and the related types for the GATE CS examinations, so you have to choose wisely. The below list of searching & sorting books will help you understand the possible searching & sorting GATE questions.



Data Structures and Algorithms for Gate

Narasimha Karumanchi

Introduction to Algorithms

Thomas H Cormen

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy

Narasimha Karumanchi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the weightage of searching & sorting questions in competitive examinations?

On average, around 18 questions are asked about searching & sorting types and numerical in competitive examinations.

Q. What is the updated searching & sorting syllabus for GATE CS?

You can find the updated searching & sorting syllabus for GATE and searching & sorting notes for CS on the BYJU'S Exam Prep website.

Q. How are searching & sorting questions asked in competitive examinations?

They are usually asked in the form of numerical-based MCQs. You can prepare accordingly with the searching & sorting MCQ questions and searching & sorting MCQ pdf compiled by BYJU'S Exam Prep.

Q. What is the difficulty level of searching & sorting questions in examinations?

The difficulty level of these questions is really high, but it won’t be difficult if you understand the basics properly.

Q. What are the applications of searching & sorting in computer science?

Searching & sorting for computer science is asked in the following examinations: