Recursion for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 24, 2021, 17:45

Recursions are functions calling themselves indirectly or directly. We use recursions to simplify the problems and get a short coding program. Going by the Recursion book, you must know the basic types of recursions and call any function. In this, you first need to define a base case and function and then only you can call the function later in your program. Otherwise, stack overflow error occurs, and your program stops.Recursion GATE questions come in many exams, including CAT, GATE CS, PDU CS, SDE interviews and m ore. Recursion online tests also form a part of various state and national level exams.

Important Recursion Topics for GATE CS

Recursions are a broad topic and have a considerable syllabus. The major topics for recursion study material for GATE CS are given below:



Direct Recursion

We have four different direct recursions, namely tail recursion, head recursion, tree recursion and nested recursion.

Indirect Recursion

In this type of recursion, the main function is indirectly involving other functions in between. Suppose function A is embedded in the function B. Hence, when we are writing any program C and call function B from inside, we also call function A. It is an indirect recursion.

Space Complexity

It is the amount of memory required to solve any given computational function.

Tips to Solve Recursion Questions for GATE Exam

The following are some tips that you can follow while solving recursion questions. Prepare for the topic by solving last year question papers well.

  • Recursion GATE questions and answers PDF are based on recursions and their uses in different scenarios. Hence you should focus on the programming section for recursion topics.
  • Prepare excellent recursion notes for the GATE that contains all the details of the syntactic analysis. Those recursion GATE notes will help you in revisions.
  • Practice on recursion online quiz from online sites. These online tests help you in preparation for the real exam.
  • Be clear with the recursion topics for GATE CS as many repetitive topics such as tail recursions, space complexity and indirect recursion.

Importance of Recursion in GATE Exam

Here's why the tree is an integral part of the GATE and other competitive exams.

  • It checks whether you can call any function inside another function for less space complexity. It also checks your grasp on the recursion GATE syllabus.
  • The weightage of the Recruision topic in GATE CS exam is 2% to 5% in the exam.
  • GATE requires you to acquire the basic knowledge of programming and functions. It helps to maintain the accuracy of any main program.
  • These concepts are used in real-life situations as a software engineer solving various programming problems.

Most Recommended Books for Recursion for GATE

The following are some excellent books of recursion for computer science that can help you prepare for the Recursion syllabus for GATE:

Book Title



Blake Crouch

Introduction to Recursive Programming

M.R. Sanchez

Algorithm Design Techniques

Narasimha Karunmanchi

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Q. How do you understand by recursions?

Recursions are functions calling functions inside the program. They are an inherent part of programming languages

Q. What are some applications of recursions?

It reduces the space complexity and helps in shortening the programs and time. You can easily call any outer function through recursive calls.

Q. Which other exams, recursions are asked other than GATE?

The tree is an essential topic and is asked in other exams such as PSU CS, CAT, SDE roles, etc. It helps in the understanding of compilers' work.

Q. What are the tail recursions?

When any recursive call is made from the last statement of the program that is called tail recursion.

Q. What are some famous problems that can be solved using recursions?

Some famous problems that can be solved using recursions are Tower of Hanoi, Inorder Tree Traversals and DFS of the graph.