Parsing for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 27, 2021, 0:24

Parsing is the analysis of any given string or inputs used to determine its grammatical structure for any formal grammar. Going by the Parsing book, you must know the different types of parsers such as the top-down parser and bottom-up parser. The basic principle behind parsing is to break down the data into computer-readable formats. A more formal name for parsing is syntactic analysis. In computer coding, parsers breakdown the data into tokens. Parsing GATE questions form a part of various state and national level exams.

Important Parsing Topics for GATE CS

The parsing is a broad topic and has a considerable syllabus. The major topics for Parsing study material for GATE CS are given below.



Top-Down Parsing

Also known as recursive parsing, here the parsing starts at the top start token and is gone down to the input symbol the parse tree.

Bottom-Up Parsing

Also known as shift-reducing parsing, the parsing starts at the input symbol and goes till the start symbol.

Lexical Analysis

In this analysis, we take input and produce a series of symbols known as lexical tokens. These lexical tokens can be handled easily by the parsers during translation.

Tips to Solve Parsing Questions for GATE CS

The following are some tips that you can follow while solving parsing questions. Prepare for the topic by solving last year question papers well.

  • Parsing GATE questions and answers PDF are based on reading any given set of data (strings) and converting them into tokens to understand. Hence you should focus on the compiler translation part for parsing topics.
  • Prepare excellent parsing notes for the GATE that contains all the details of the syntactic analysis. Those parsing GATE notes will help you in revisions.
  • Practice on parsing online quizzes from online sites. These online tests help you in preparation for the real exam.
  • Be clear with the parsing topics for GATE CS as many repetitive topics such as top-down parsing and bottom-up parsing.

Importance of Parsing in GATE Exam

Here's why parsing is an integral part of the GATE and other competitive exams.

  • It checks whether you can run the parsing between the input and start tokens from both ways. It also checks your grasp on the parsing GATE syllabus.
  • The weightage of this topic is 2% to 5% in the exam.
  • GATE requires you to acquire the basic knowledge of parsing algorithms. It helps in the interconnecting input with the grammatical structure of compilers.
  • These concepts are used in real-life situations as a software engineer solving various compiler processes.

Most Recommended Books for Parsing for GATE

The following are some excellent books of Parsing for computer science that can help you prepare for the Parsing syllabus for GATE.

Book Title


Parsing Techniques

A. Dick Grune

Parsing Book: Containing Rules of Syntax, and Models.

Allen Hayden Weld

The Theory of Parsing, Translation and Compiling

Alfred Aho

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Q. How do you understand by parsing?

Parsing is the breakdown of inputs such as strings in the form of tokens that can be read by other machines or systems.

Q. What is the importance of parsing?

Parsing is a compilation attribute where the parser reads the data, and different tokens are assigned to the broken data. It helps in the determination of the machine's grammatical structure inside the programming.

Q. Which other exams, parsing is asked other than GATE?

The parsing is an essential topic and is asked in other exams such as PSU CS, CAT, SDE roles, etc. It helps in the understanding of compilers' work.

Q. How do parsers work?

Parsers crawl the given set of data in two different types. Those types are top-down parsing and bottom-up parsing.

Q. In how many categories can bottom-up parsing be classified?

Bottom-up parsing can be classified into three types: Shift-Reduce Parsing, Operator Precedence Parsing and Table Driven LR Parsing.