File System

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Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 3:57

File System is an essential part of the overall operating system and plays a crucial role in various engineering & competitive exams. The overall file management system has multiple responsibilities with mapping access requests, the transmission of file elements, management of secondary storage, support for protection, and sharing files. File attributes and disk scheduling have an essential role in keeping with the system function. Students must use File System MCQ pdf and print them to manage with their regular notes. File System for the GATE computer science section has an essential role in several competitive exams such as GATE, PSUs, and national and international. Students must use these File System topics for solving the GATE CS questions to learn and prepare in scoring at their potential.

Important File System Topics for GATE CS

Here are the comprehensive File System notes for CS that students must study to prepare for exams precisely.




What is a file system, its parts, and the management?

File Attributes

Attributes that define each file

Disk Scheduling

Definition and part of the OS

FCFS Scheduling

Shortest Seek Time First (SSTF) Scheduling

SCAN Scheduling

C-SCAN Scheduling

C-LOOK Scheduling

Tips to Solve File System Questions for GATE

Here are the essential tips for covering the File System syllabus for GATE in keeping your preparation check for overcoming challenges.

  • A file management system is an essential part of the operating system for smooth user functioning.
  • File Attributes define the file that the user can know via its properties.
  • Disk Scheduling plays a crucial aspect in meeting the system's role in keeping with hardware efficiency.
  • Always follow the naming convention guide to avoid confusion.

The File System for computer science provides students with an in-depth understanding of the whole topic. You can use the File System online quiz to know more hidden patterns and challenging questions that are part of this exam.

Importance of File System in GATE Exam

Here is why the File System GATE syllabus is importantm for competitive exams.

  • All operating systems work with a specific File management system. So understanding File management will help students to know the files are managed and organized.
  • On average 8 to 10 questions come from the File System in GATE Exam for 12 to 15 marks respectively.
  • Nesting folders within Folders is an ideal way with a logical hierarchy.
  • Students can print File System notes for GATE pdf and then keep a copy to learn at their time for better management.

Students can use File System MCQ questions to know all the different patterns for questions that often come in exams.

Most recommended Books for the File System for GATE

Here are the most recommend File System book to help students start

Name of bookAuthor
Operating System ConceptsSilberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne
Operating Systems: Internals and Design PrinciplesStallings

Students can also print File System GATE questions and answers pdf and keep them in their note for evaluation.

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Q. What is a file system in the Operating System?

Overall, a File System defines the way a system manages and keeps track of files on a specific partition or a disk. A student must use File System GATE questions to know the vast nature of questions that come in competitive exams.

Q. What are file Attributes?

File Attributes define the meta-data for a file or directory behaviour within a system. Some of the essential file attributes include Name, type, size, location, time, date, and protection.

Q. What is Disk Scheduling?

Disk Scheduling defines the methods and techniques for a list of requests to manage disk management.

Q. What are the different types of Disk Scheduling?

There are multiple types of Disk scheduling you can use to prioritize things:

FCFS Scheduling

Shortest Seek Time First (SSTF) Scheduling

SCAN Scheduling

C-SCAN Scheduling

C-LOOK Scheduling

Q. What are the main types of file systems?

There are several file systems in OS with NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT among the most common modern file systems available. A student must prepare File System study material for GATE CS and then keep a stringent check on their understanding by repeatedly going through tests and quizzes.

Q. How to use the File System online test for your preparation?

The online test can follow the exams’ pattern to help you work out real-time issues such as time trouble, planning, and strategies. Also, to check, evaluate, and then correct things accordingly.