File Organization for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 17:10

File organization in computer science engineering is a part of the Database and refers to how information is stored in a file. Data is generally stored in the form of records, and these records represent entities and their attributes. For example, an employee’s record describes an employee entity and each field value mentioned in it lists attributes of that employee like name, birthday, salary records, etc.

File organization questions in GATE computer science is not only important for the GATE exam, but also to prepare for BARC, UPSC CSE, ISRO, and other CE engineering exams. This article mentions important file organization topics for GATE CS, file organization GATE notes, file organization GATE syllabus, and file organization study material for GATE CS.

Important File Organization Topics for GATE CS

Here are some of the important topics of file organization for GATE CS.



File allocation

There are several standard methods used for allocating the blocks of a file on disk:

· Contiguous allocation

· Linked allocation

· Indexed allocation

Indexing structures for files

Index mechanisms are utilized to optimize specific accesses to data stored in files. An index file contains index entries of the form.

Single-level ordered indexes

In an ordered index file, entries are saved according to the search key value. There are different types of ordered indexes, such as:

· Primary index

· Clustering index

· Secondary index

· Multilevel index

Tips to Solve File Organization for GATE Exam

  1. Choose a good file organization book and start by making rough file organization notes for CS.
  2. Check file organization syllabus for GATE and begin with essential topics such as file allocation, spanned and unspanned records, indexing structures for files.
  3. Practice file organization GATE questions and solve file organization quizzes daily. Look through previous question papers to get familiar with the GATE exam pattern.
  4. Time management is critical. Hence, it is advised to finish preparation well in advance and spend some time on revision.

Importance of File Organization for GATE CS Exam

  1. File organization is an important topic under Database systems as it deals with ways in which data can be organized efficiently.
  2. File organization MCQs carries a total weightage of 1-2 marks in the GATE exam.
  3. Overall, Database in computer science engineering has a weightage of around 8-9 marks and includes topics like Database Design, Relation Model, ER Model, Transactions and Concurrency Control besides File Organization.
  4. File organization helps determine the methods of access, flexibility, efficiency, and storage devices needed for data organization.

Most Recommended Books for File Organization for GATE CS

Mentioned below is a list of important books to cover the topic of file organization:




Database System Concepts

Henry F. Korth

Database Systems

Elmasri and Navathe

Database Management Systems

Johannes Gehrke and Raghu Ramakrishnan

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Q1- What are some of he important topics in file organization for the GATE exam?

Some of the important topics include spanned vs. unspanned records, file allocation, types of single-level ordered indexes and indexing structures.

Q2- What strategy to follow to cover file organization for the GATE exam properly?

GATE aspirants need to stick to 1-2 textbooks on database systems for CS. The most important step is to utilize time efficiently and cover all the topics in detail. After completing the syllabus, start solving previous year question papers and online quizzes.

Q3- How much weightage do Database Systems carry in the GATE CS exam?

According to the previous year question paper pattern, Database Systems is an important topic for GATE CS and holds a weightage of 8-9 marks.

Q4- How much time will it take to cover file organization for the GATE exam?

File organization is an important topic under database systems, it is not very vast, but each topic demands time. Total time taken to cover the syllabus may vary from individual to individual, but stick to a few reference books, get familiar with the paper pattern, solve MCQs, and you are good to go.

Q5- Where can I access previous GATE question papers?

Previous papers for GATE CS can be accessed on BYJU'S Exam Prep. It not only offers question papers for GATE preparation but also important notes needed to crack the exam.