ER-Model for GATE CS

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Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 16:53

The ER-Model (Entity-Relationship Model) helps connect the theoretical and conceptual data in the form of graphical representation. The ER-Model notes for GATE PDF include all the concepts, solved questions, and help prepare the GATE Exam. This topic is an important one in the Computer Science Engineering GATE Exam. The ER-Model is a vast topic that helps in establishing an association between different entities. It helps in connecting different entities and establishing a conceptual database or relation. The ER-Model topics for GATE CS fall under the umbrella category of Databases.

Important ER-Model Topics for GATE CS

While preparing for the Computer Engineering GATE Exam, ER-Model is an important topic under the database. There are concepts and attributes which fall under the ER-Model syllabus for GATE. It includes a complete explanation of the relational database.


The entities can be distinguished as real-world objects, and ER-Model helps establish a relationship amongst different entities. When similar entities are grouped, it is called an entity set. It is grouped as strong and weak entity sets. Each of them is different from one another.


The attributes are the property which describes the entity, or the entity set. Each of the attributes has a domain. There are signs and symbols which represent the attributes. It is of different types like the composite attributes, derived attributes, descriptive attributes, as well as single or multiple-valued attributes. There are many shapes which are represented as Attributes.


This helps in establishing a connection between numbers to entities to another set of entities. It includes understanding the connection of one entity to a number of other entities.

The ER-Model GATE syllabus mostly includes understanding the concepts of these databases and derivation of these relations.

Tips to Solve ER-Model Questions in GATE Exam

The ER-Model GATE questions and answers PDF has all the formats and question patterns that are likely to be part of the GATE Exam. Understanding the concepts of the entities and how the relationship is established is pivotal while preparing for the exam.

  • Most of the practice problems are based on diagrams and tables. It is important to know how the ER diagram is converted into tables.
  • Focus on solving the previous year questions. The practice ER-Model MCQ questions give an idea of different concepts and understanding the pattern.
  • Make sure to understand how different relations and entities are connected through symbols.

Importance of ER-Model in GATE Exam

  • It is an important topic under database and is easy to understand based on concepts. It has high weightage with two types of questions asked.
  • The questions are either theoretical or conversion based where the ER Diagram is converted to table.
  • The ER-Model for computer science questions is up to 7 marks or more during the GATE exam.
  • The ER-Model GATE CS notes help prepare for many interrelated topics that are important for GATE Computer Science Exam.

Most Recommended Books for ER-Model for GATE CS

The ER-Model book and notes help prepare for the competitive exam and even help with further engineering studies.



Entity Relationship Modeling

Bernhard Talheim

ER Model Study Notes


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Frequently Asked Questions for GATE

Q. Why is ER-Model Important?

The topic is an important one for preparing for the Computer Science GATE exam. It is one of the topics which falls under the Database topic.

Q. How to Prepare for ER-Model Topic for GATE CS?

The best way to prepare is to refer to the ER-Model notes for CS, which has all the concepts and basics covered under the same topic.

Q. How to Score Better with ER-Model?

Most of the questions involve converting diagrams into tables and ultimately finding the value, which is the answer. This can be attained by completing and practising more of ER-Model online test.

Q. What is the weightage for ER-Model in GATE CS Exam?

Generally, up to 7 marks come from this topic. It includes a combination of theoretical to database conversion questions.

  1. How to Solve the Questions Quickly?

Everything depends on concepts and implementation of the concepts to get the ultimate value. Solve as many as ER-Model quizzes to quickly solve questions.