Database Design Topics for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 24, 2021, 23:46

Database design refers to the organization of data in line with a database model. The designer needs to identify what data needs to be saved and how the data elements relate to one another. Once this is done, they can fit the data appropriately in the database model. This topic is a part of database systems in computer science engineering. Database design for computer science is not only important for the GATE CS exam, but also BARC, UPSC CSE, ISRO, and other CS exams. This article mentions important database design topics for GATE CS, database design GATE notes, database design GATE syllabus, and database design study material for GATE CS.

Important Database Design Topics for GATE CS




Decomposition in databases refers to breaking the table into multiple tables. It is used to eliminate problems of bad design such as anomalies, redundancies, and inconsistencies. If the relation does not have a proper decomposition, it may result in issues like loss of information.

Schema refinement/ normalization

Schema refinement refers to the decomposition of complex records into simpler ones. This process decreases redundancy by organizing the data, and generally involves dividing the database into tables and determining relationships between those tables.

Types of keys

There are four types of keys in database design:

· Candidate key

· Online Classroom Program key

· Foreign key

· Alternative key

Functional dependency (FD)

Dependency between attributes is termed as Functional dependency.

Tips to Solve Database design questions for GATE Exam

  1. Familiarize yourself with the GATE exam pattern by skimming through GATE CS previous year question papers.
  2. Select a good database design book and start taking down database design notes for GATE CS.
  3. Regularly practice database design GATE questions and solve database design quiz to score well in the exam.
  4. Check out the database design syllabus for GATE and try to cover all the topics well in advance before you begin revising.

Importance of Database design for GATE Exam

  1. Database design is one of the most important topics under database systems as the general performance of a database depends on its design.
  2. Database design carries a total weightage of 2-3 marks in the GATE exam.
  3. Database system in GATE CS holds a weightage of 8-9 marks that includes topics like relation model, ER model, file organization, and database design.
  4. Database design helps one design the database model used for planning, saving, and organizing data. Accuracy in storing information can only be achieved if the database structure is designed efficiently.

Most Recommended Books for Database design for GATE

Below is a list of important books that can help you learn the concepts of Database design:



Database System Concepts

Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan, Abraham Silberschatz

Database Management Systems

Johannes Gehrke and Raghu Ramakrishnan

A Textbook of Database design

R.K. Bansal

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Q1- What are some of the important topics in database design for the GATE exam?

Some of the important topics in database design include schema refinement, decomposition, dependency preserving, and functional dependency.

Q2- What strategy should be followed to cover database design for the GATE exam properly?

GATE aspirants must stick to a few good database systems textbooks to cover the syllabus thoroughly. The most important thing is time management; if the syllabus is covered well on time, one can start solving previous year question papers and online quizzes.

Q3- How much weightage do database systems hold in the GATE exam?

Database systems is an important topic for the GATE CS exam and carry a total weight of 8-9 marks.

Q4- How much time will it take to cover database design for the GATE exam?

Time taken to cover each topic thoroughly will vary from individual to individual as it depends on how much time one spends studying every day. Spend maximum time on solving practice MCQs after completing the syllabus to score well.

Q5- Where can I assess previous online quizzes to practice database design for the GATE exam?

A lot of online quizzes on database design are available on BYJU'S Exam Prep. You can also access previous exam papers and GATE CS notes.