Computer Arithmetic for GATE CS

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 27, 2021, 23:56

Computer Arithmetic is one of the most important Computer Science topics as they are liable for all the arithmetic operations on the computer. The topics are easy but before that check the Computer Arithmetic syllabus for GATE. Go through it properly and make your Computer Arithmetic GATE CS notes. You can also practice Computer Arithmetic GATE questions to improve your skills and speed. To know your level of preparedness, for the GATE CS exam, take Computer Arithmetic online test and Computer Arithmetic quiz.

Important Computer Arithmetic Topics for GATE CS

The following are the major Computer Arithmetic topics for GATE CS:-



Fixed Point Representation

As a result of computer equipment constraints, everything including the indication of number must be spoken, either by O's or 1's. So, for a positive number, the furthest left piece or sign piece is consistently O, and for, a negative number, the signed piece ought to be 1.

Floating Point Representation

A floating-point number means utilising two focuses. The first is called mantissa (m) and, another one is a type (e), hence in a number framework with base r. Gliding a point number with mantissa m and example e will be spoken to as (m x re).

Actual Number Finding Technique

Under this, we generally store exponent is positive. A one-sided number is likewise called an overabundance number. Since the type is put away in a one-sided structure, the inclination number is added to the genuine example of the given number.

Tips to Solve Computer Arithmetic Questions for GATE CS

Follow these simple tips to excel in the GATE exam:-

  • Make a table of all the topics according to their level of difficulty. It will help you to figure out which concept requires more time.
  • Practice Computer Arithmetic MCQ questions as much as possible.
  • Use only standard Computer Arithmetic study material for GATE CS and Computer Arithmetic book. While making your Computer Arithmetic notes for GATE CS focus on quality than quantity.
  • Revise all the topics weekly to retain them in your conscious mind.

Importance of Computer Arithmetic in GATE Exam

The following is the importance of Computer Arithmetic in GATE CS Exam:-

  • Many IT organisations employ people based on their GATE score.
  • Around 10 – 15 questions are posed from this part each year.
  • As a computer science specialist, you ought to have great information on computer arithmetic to dominate in your expert life.
  • Scoring well in this section will assist you with clearing the GATE exam 2021.

Most Recommended Books for Computer Arithmetic for GATE

The following books are mostly preferred by GATE aspirants for computer arithmetic:-



Computer Arithmetic

Mircea Vladutiu

Modern Computer Arithmetic

Cambridge University Press

GATE 2021 Computer Science and IT

Made Easy Publications

Computer Science and IT

Arihant Publications

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question 1. What is the sign extension?

Answer. It is the activity, in computer math, of expanding the number of pieces of a twofold number while protecting the number's sign and value.

Question 2. What is Computer Arithmetic?

Answer. It is a part of computer designing that manages techniques for speaking to whole numbers and genuine qualities (e.g., fixed-and skimming point numbers) in the advanced situation and effective calculations for controlling such numbers by methods for equipment circuits or programming schedules.

Question 3. Why is arithmetic floating slow?

Answer. It is slow because it has no remainder operations.

Question 4. What is the use of a shift register?

Answer. The Shift Register is another sort of successive rationale circuit that can be utilised, for the capacity or the exchange of double information.

Question 5. What type of questions are asked, from Computer Arithmetic in GATE Exam?

Answer. It is not easy to ascertain the type of question that an examiner may ask. You can check the previous year paper for computer arithmetic for GATE CS to know more.