Boolean Algebra & Minimization

By : Manglika Tripathi

Updated : Feb 27, 2021, 23:51

Boolean Algebra & Minimization is one of the most salient topics after Computer Arithmetic in GATE exam CS. You can check the Boolean Algebra & Minimization syllabus for GATE to perceive more on this. Never make a very tight study plan. Keep it flexible. Start your preparation with easy topics and slowly move to difficult ones. After completing each topic, give a Boolean Algebra & Minimization quiz and practice Boolean Algebra & Minimization MCQ questions.

Most importantly, make your Boolean Algebra & Minimization notes for CS, or you can purchase some standard Boolean Algebra & Minimization study material for GATE CS online or offline as per your convenience. Although Boolean Algebra & Minimization GATE questions are not challenging, it requires lots of practice. So prepare well to score well.

Important Boolean Algebra & Minimization Topics for GATE CS

The following are the vital Boolean Algebra & Minimization topics for GATE CS:-



Boolean Value and Operators

Boolean structure type that shows a Boolean value, which can be either evident or false. To perform sensible activities with estimations of the bool type, utilize Boolean intelligent administrators. The bool type is the outcome sort of examination and equity administrators.

Boolean Functions

A Boolean function is a capacity that has n factors or sections, so it has 2n potential mixes of the factors. These capacities will expect just 0 or 1 in their yield.

Digital Logic

It is a portrayal of signs and successions of an advanced circuit through numbers.

Tips to Solve Boolean Algebra & Minimization Questions for GATE

Follow these simple tips to excel in the GATE exam:-

  • Revise your Boolean Algebra & Minimization GATE notes properly. Make a time table to ensure that you devote equal time to all the topics.
  • Allude to quality Boolean Algebra & Minimization book. You can find lots of Boolean Algebra & Minimization online tests on the net. Practice them.
  • Always solve previous year's papers. Never stress yourself, give time to other activities as well.

Importance of Boolean Algebra & Minimization in GATE

The following are the importance of Boolean Algebra & Minimization:-

  • Many engineering organisations employ people based on their GATE score.
  • Around 8 – 10 problems are asked from this section each year.
  • As a computer science specialist, you ought to have great information on computer arithmetic, to ensure success in your career.
  • Scoring well in this section will assist you with clearing the GATE exam 2021.

Most Recommended Books for Boolean Algebra & Minimization for GATE CS

The most preferred books by GATE aspirants for Boolean Algebra and Minimizatoin are as follows:-



Advanced Boolean Techniques

Rolf Drechsler

Boolean Algebra

SIA Publishers

Digital Logic GATE CS

A. Shukla

Crack the GATE


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question 1. What is the base number of GATEs needed to execute the Boolean capacity (AB+C) in the event that we need to utilize just 2-input NOR GATEs?

Answer. The base number of GATEs is 5.

Question 2. What is boolean logic?

Answer. Boolean logic is a type of polynomial math which revolves around three basic words known as Boolean Operators: "Or," "And," and "Not".

Question 3. What is minimisation?

Answer. The way toward disentangling the logarithmic articulation of a boolean capacity is called minimisation.

Question 4. Is it necessary to study from more than one book for Boolean Algebra & Minimization?

Answer. No. Refer to only one book. Avoid using more than one book to study as it will confuse you.

Question 5. What is the other name for Boolean Operators?

Answer. Its other name is Equality checking GATE.

Question 6. How much time is required for the GATE Exam preparation?

Answer. It usually takes 5 - 6 months of proper preparation. However, it varies from individual to individual.