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By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : December 5th, 2022

The several career opportunities available with the Indian Air Force include both technical & non-technical branches. As an officer in the Indian Air Force candidate strategizes, lead and manage. Trained in the diversified fields & environments aspirant is ready for all the challenges that the fast-moving life in the Air Force has in store for the candidate. Be it flying the most advanced combat aircraft or providing technical support, one’s mission is to always give your best.

Aspirants short-listed after the initial selection procedure goes via a rigorous training regimen at one of the Air Force training establishments. Afterwards, they are commissioned as officers & posted at any of the Air Force Stations.

Indian Air Force Officer Jobs Opportunities

Candidate can join the Indian Air Force as an officer in the flying, technical, or ground duty branches depending on his or her educational qualification. These 3 branches of the Indian Air Force have further sub-streams:

Flying Branch:

Fighter pilots, Helicopter pilots, Transport pilots – One would be working as any of these pilots both during the peace & war. One can get into the flying branch as a graduate (via CDS exam (for men), through AFCAT examination (for both men & women), through NCC special entry (for men)). 

Technical Branch:

Mechanical, Electronics - One would be taking care of some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world - One can get into this branch through the examination, AFCAT, or through UES (University Entry Scheme).

Ground Duty Branch:

Administration, Logistics, Accounts, Education, Meteorology - As part of these mentioned departments, one would be looking after & maintaining human and material resources or managing funds, work as internal auditors, or work as an air traffic controller or fighter controller. One can get into this particular branch by qualifying AFCAT exam.

Based on one’s educational qualifications, below are the opportunities available for the aspirant to join as an officer in Indian Air Force:

Education Qualification


After 10+2

There is a golden opportunity for the young boys having 10+2 (of Science stream) qualification with Physics & Maths to join as an officer in the IAF (Indian Air Force) by appearing for the NDA (National Defence Academy) and NA (Naval Academy) Examination conducted by the UPSC conducted twice a year in all the major cities throughout India.

If one gets short-listed for the Air Force after the initial selection procedure, he or she will have to undergo a very strict three-year training routine at NDA, Khadakwasla. Post this, one will be commissioned as an officer and posted as the pilots at any of the Air Force Stations.

After GraduationBoth men & women, who completed their graduation, can enter the Air Force as officers via this route. Aspirants short-listed after the initial selection procedure (like the AFCAT examination,) go through the rigorous training regimen at one of the Air Force training establishments. Afterwards, they are commissioned as officers and posted at any of the Air Force Stations.
After Engineering

The IAF (Indian Air Force) calls for enthusiastic & committed engineers to become a part of the IAF team. Aspirants short-listed after the initial selection procedure (like the AFCAT exam and CDS exam), go through the rigorous training regimen at one of the Air Force training establishments. Afterwards, they are commissioned as officers and embark on a glorious & fulfilling career.

As an Engineer, one can soar into a rewarding & challenging career in the IAF. Aspirant can even join the Technical Branch in his or her final or pre-final year of engineering through the University Entry Scheme.

After Post Graduation

Men & women who are post-graduates even have opportunities to explore in the IAF (Indian Air Force), especially for Ground Duty. One can get in for these services through the AFCAT examination.

Annual Package for the AFCAT for Flying Branch, Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

The Salary for each branch will be different as per the Indian Air Force. The Annual Package is listed below for each dept., according to the 7th pay commission.



Flying Branch

Rs 8 to 10 Lakhs

Ground Duty (Technical)

Rs 7 to 9 Lakhs

Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

Rs 7 to 9 Lakhs

Salary Structure for AFCAT

Now that aspirants have seen the annual salary package for each different branch, we can now take a glance at the salary structure of AFCAT. The table below describes the details of pay band, military service pay & the CPC which are provided to the employees.



Pay Band

Rs 56,100/- per month (Level 10 - Pay Matrix)

Military Service Pay

Rs 15,000/- per month


Rs 56,000/- to INR 1,10,700/-

In-hand Salary

The initial salary for all employees who are selected for the different posts is given below. Aspirants can understand what is the sum amount they would attain or receive while joining the Indian Air Force.



Flying Branch

Rs 85,372/-

Ground Duty (Technical)

Rs 74,872/-

Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

Rs 71,872/-

Aspirants will also receive additional benefits & allowances that are included in the in-hand salary given to the employees.

Perks & Additional Benefits

All employees of the IAF (Indian Air Force) receive a lot of benefits along with that of the salary which is offered to them. The perks & additional benefits are listed below. With such kinds of perks & benefits being offered to the selected aspirants, the job profile is more desirable and one would not want to miss out on this chance.

  • Insurance
  • Scholarship & Welfares
  • Medical
  • Loan Facility
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Post-Retirement Benefits
  • Placement Cell
  • Accommodation
  • Annual leave for sixty days per year
  • Casual leave of twenty days per year
  • Leave travel concessions
  • Institute & Messes membership
  • Grants from the AFWWA (Air Force Wives Welfare Association)
  • School facilities
  • Rail concessions
  • Secured camp life
  • CSD facilities
  • Recreational & sports facilities
  • Other Benefits (includes Travel Concession, School Facilities, Accommodation, etc.)

AFCAT Training Stipend

Those aspirants who qualified at every stage of the AFCAT selection process will undergo some specific training at Air Force Academy for a fixed interval of time. During the whole training period, the aspirants receive a fixed amount of money in the form of a stipend. On the successful completion of the training, the salary of AFCAT aspirants in the pay matrix will be of Level 10. The stipend provided to the candidates for AFCAT Training in the Air Force is as described below:


Stipend Amount

Training of Men and Women for a fixed interval of time at Air Force Training Establishments

Rs 56,100/- per month 

AFCAT Job Profile

The Job Profile for all three branches in the AFCAT is different. Aspirants who are aiming to earn a vacancy in specific posts under the Indian Air Force can check the job profile & responsibilities they have to perform once they would be selected for the post. The job profile for all three posts is listed below.



AFCAT Flying Branch

  • Operate & look after the fighter planes with the combat.
  • Transportation of ammunition tasks.
  • Transportation of material.
  • Air support & supplies.
  • Helicopters are in service for casual & emergency situations.

AFCAT Ground Duty (Technical)

  • Maintenance of all the technical tools & equipment of aircraft.
  • Responsibility of managing the technicians who already got qualified.
  • Make sure that the technicians are being given the required tools and equipment for the job comprising of RADAR, Aircraft, etc.
  • Technical officers should be able to perform aeronautical engineering, communication systems, weapons, avionics, etc.
  • Handling of the aircraft service.
  • Technical processes & management in the aircraft.

AFCAT Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

  • Administration of the Air Traffic Controller & Fighter Controller.
  • Accounts of the department.
  • Logistics of the department.
  • Education.

Career Growth & Promotion

Promotions for the AFCAT are applicable to the first 3 ranks based on the timeline, whereas promotions for the other posts will be done based on the job & according to how the position gets vacant.

  • If an employee has served for three years in the Flying Officers, he or she will be promoted to Flight Lieutenant. To qualify for the promotion, one will have to undergo a departmental test.
  • If an employee completes six years of service, he or she will be ranked as the Squadron Leader.
  • The technical officers who are engineers will be provided with the seniority of two years for the aim of promotion & pay which will be compared to that of the Indian Air Force officers.
  • All the officers must attend the C’ examination which comprises of GK (General Knowledge) and post concerning topics for the Departmental promotion and to seek promotion in the ranks.

Rank Structure in the AFCAT Promotions for Flying Officer

The rankings of the flying officer as per level & post wise is given below. All employees who are in the Indian Air Force as the flying officer may achieve the highest ranks by the overall years of service provided by them.



Flying Officer

Flying Lieutenant

Junior Level

Squadron Leader

Wing Commander

Group Captain

Executive Level

Air Comrade

Air Vice-Marshal

Air Marshal

Director Level

Air Chief Marshal


Aspirants who have attended the AFCAT exam of the IAF (Indian Air Force), must be having a better idea on what the salary package & job profile will look like once he or she got selected for the concerned post. Aspirants who are selected must always keep in mind that there is no greater chance than working for the IAF and one should not miss out on this opportunity and should also target for the highest rankings in the post.

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