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By Komal|Updated : June 8th, 2022

In this article, we should read related to the One word Substitution Important for the DSSSB. One word Substitution is an important part of the English section for DSSSB, KVS, MPTET, CTET 2021, and other teaching exams. We can expect at least 2 to 3 questions on the topic of One word Substitution.


Vocabulary Special: Important One-word Substitution (H)

  1. Hypochondria
    Meaning in Hindi:चिंतोन्माद
    Meaning in English: Abnormal or unnecessary anxiety about one’s health.

  2. Hypocrite
    Meaning in Hindi:पाखंडी
    Meaning in English: One who pretends to be what he is not.

  3. Homicide
    Meaning in Hindi:मानव हत्या
    Meaning in English: The killing of human beings.

  4. Honorary
    Meaning in Hindi:अवैतनिक
    Meaning in English: work for which no salary is paid

  5. Hierarchy
    Meaning in Hindi:पुरोहितों का राज्य
    Meaning in English: A system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.

  6. Hospitable
    Meaning in Hindi: मेहमाननवाज़
    Meaning in English: Friendly and welcoming to visitors or guests.

  7. Horticulture
    Meaning in Hindi:बागवानी
    Meaning in English: The art of garden cultivation

  8. Homonym 
    Meaning in Hindi:समनाम
    Meaning in English: Each of two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins

  9. Hooligan
    Meaning in Hindi:उपद्रवी व्यक्ति
    Meaning in English: A violent young troublemaker

  10. Hedonism
    Meaning in Hindi:सुखवाद
    Meaning in English: The belief that the most important thing in the world is a pleasure.

  11. Hyperbole
    Meaning in Hindi:अतिशयोक्ति
    Meaning in English: Exaggerated statements or claims

  12. Hawker
    Meaning in Hindi:फेरीवाल
    Meaning in English: A person who travels from place to place for selling the thing. 

This article tends to be beneficial for the following exams - REET, UPTET, CTET, Online Classroom Program TET, DSSSB, KVS etc.

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  • The weightage of One word Substitution in the DSSSB exam- 3 to 4 marks.

  • The level of One-word Substitution Questions asked in the DSSSB exam is of moderate level.

  • The weightage of the English Section in the DSSSB exam is 20 marks.

  • Yes, negative marking involves in the DSSSB exam (0.25 marks)

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