The Art of Mock Analysis : Advantages & Techniques

By Asakti|Updated : September 9th, 2017

Dear Aspirants, 

If you are preparing for CAT or any other MBA entrance exams, to attempt mocks becomes an integral part of your preparation. You can read the importance of attempting mocks by clicking here. 

Before we move forward and guide you through the steps that will help you to get the best out of your preparation, let's talk about the common question which every aspirant has during his initial days of preparation. 

Should I attempt the mocks once the entire course is completed? 

Absolutely not. They say 'Practice is the key to success'and mocks are the only method to judge your preparation level. Though attempting a large number of mocks in the initial days of your preparation is not at all recommendable, but with the increase of the preparation your frequency to attempt mocks should increase.

Do the scores in mocks have any relevance with actual scores in the exam?

There is a vast difference between the actual exam and mock test in terms of the level of the paper, conditions in which you give the exam and seriousness. It may happen that you might not perform well but you still crack the exam with good percentile and vice versa. But, the question here is all about the advantages of attempting mocks. Attempting the mocks regularly not only helps you judge your preparation but gives you a feel of the exam. It assists you to judge your performance and to improve your preparation based on that. It offers the right practice, identifies your mistakes and its analysis helps to overcome your mistakes.

Note: Always remember to attempt another mock only when you have completed the analysis of the previous one.

Steps to be followed for the analysis of Mock Tests

Step 1

Before checking for the solution, try attempting the paper again without any time limitation and check which were the questions which you could do. This would help you to check that which were the questions that you could have attempted but were not able to along with the reason.

Step 2

Make the analysis report for the questions, which were incorrectly attempted and were left unattempted as follows:


In the above chart, there is a section of 'Reason', why were these questions went the wrong and were not attempted. It is the most important part of the analysis because with the help of this only you can point out where you are lacking. Reasons of the questions going wrong or left unattempted can be any, for example

(1) You do not know or remember that concept

(2) Silly mistakes / Calculations mistakes

(3) Question was difficult and was not worth attempting

(4) Lack of time

Note: The analysis should not be done question wise, but topic wise. This would give you a better idea of which topic you have to prepare.


Make a list of the topics whose questions went wrong or you were not able to attempt. Prioritize them according to your strength areas and weak areas. Revise these topics again along with all the properties and the important questions which you must have marked while preparing for these topics.

Step 4

Also keep marking these questions of mocks and keep revising them on a frequent note.

Step 5

Based on your performance in the mock, make a different strategy to attempt the paper. This is the case if you were not able to attempt the complete paper because of lack of time. This can be because:

(1) You wasted a lot of time on some question which was not worth attempting: For this, you need to learn the elimination technique, which comes only with the practice.

(2) Your speed to attempt the paper is slow: Keep attempting the mocks, as the biggest advantage of the mock is you will learn the proper time management for the questions in the test.

As discussed, analyzing the mocks is more important than attempting them. But, another very important work is Revision. Along with the questions which went wrong and were left unattempted, mark the questions which were of good level and were attempted correctly. If you keep on attempting the mocks, but then not revise these questions it would not bring any result. Revision helps you to improve your speed and accuracy, therefore, it is very necessary to keep revising these questions once in a week.

We really hope that we were able to help you to take out the best from your mock tests.



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