KTET Preparation Tips 2022: Preparation Strategy, Study Plan

KTET Preparation Tips 2022: Preparation Strategy, Study Plan

ByNeha Joshi  |  Updated on: Apr 20, 2022
Get KTET preparation tips and study plan here. Also, check the detailed KTET preparation strategy along with the list of best books for the forthcoming KTET exam.

Candidates who intend to take the forthcoming exam should start devising a good KTET preparation strategy right away. The Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan holds the KTET exam to determine who is eligible to teach in Kerala's lower primary, upper primary, and high school classes. Those who pass the Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test are qualified to apply for teaching positions in the state. Candidates should begin their KTET preparation by creating a proper strategy, which they should then put into action to ace the exam. Candidates can find extensive KTET preparation tips and a study plan in the post below, which will help them prepare for the exam in a more planned and result-oriented manner.

KTET Preparation Tips 2022

Candidates who wish to do well on the exam should have a good KTET preparation strategy in place to assist them to succeed. Following the exam pattern, selecting appropriate books and learning resources based on the syllabus, and allocating time to each segment are all crucial aspects of the KTET preparation plan. To do well on the exam, candidates should solve the prior year's paper while studying. Before commencing their Kerala TET preparation, they must also be conversant with the syllabus. The KTET preparation tips and concepts are given below are recommended for candidates taking the exam.

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KTET Exam Pattern

Candidates taking the exam should first study the exam pattern before beginning their studies and planning the KTET preparation strategy. The official notification will make the candidates familiar with the latest pattern of the exam, including the medium of the exam, the type of questions answered, total marks, marking scheme, and much more.

Based on the school classes, the KTET exam is divided into four categories. For each of these papers, the following is a description of the KTET exam pattern:

  • Each paper is objective and includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • The paper will be a total of 150 marks.
  • Each question carries a single mark.
  • Each paper has a 2.5-hour time limit.

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KTET Syllabus

Candidates should be familiar with the KTET syllabus before planning a KTET preparation strategy. This is important since it allows you to appropriately study each topic based on its weightage. Candidates will also have enough time for revision if they prepare a syllabus-oriented KTET preparation strategy. The following are the four sections of the syllabus:


KTET Syllabus

For Classes 1st to 5th

Child development and pedagogy, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Language 1 - Malayalam/Kannada/Tamil (Paper 2), Language 2 - English /Arabic.

For Classes 6th to 8th 

Child development and pedagogy, Paper 2 - Malayalam/English, Tamil, Kannada, Paper 3 - Arabic/Urdu/Sanskrit, Paper 4 - Science, Mathematics, Social science.

For Classes 8th to 10th 

Adolescent Psychology, Theories of Learning and Teaching Aptitude, Paper 2, Language 1 - Malayalam/English/Tamil/Kannada, Paper 3, Subject-Specific Areas: Malayalam/English/Arabic/Urdu, Kannada/Hindi/Tamil, Physical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics.

For Language and Specialist Teachers

Arabic, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Physical Education, Drawing, Sewing, Music, Child Pedagogy and Teacher Aptitude, Content-Specific Paper.

Tips & Tricks for KTET Preparation 2022

Given the fact that only a few days are remaining for this year’s Kerala TET examination, it is the perfect time for aspirants to buckle up and get the best out of their KTET preparation. BYJU'S Exam Prep’s exam matter experts have prepared the best KTET preparation strategy to achieve excellent results. Here are the following KTET preparation tips and strategies a candidate should be familiar with:

Do Not Try to Learn Everything Altogether: Before starting last week's preparation strategy, let's have a look at the exam pattern according to which you will have to come up with a revision plan. It will help list down the topics that need more attention and topics which can be left for last-minute revision. 

Know Kerala TET 2022 Exam Pattern:

    • In the exam, you will be asked 150 questions, and time is allotted 150 minutes. 
    • The exam is conducted through Online Mode.
    • The question paper will be based on multiple-choice questions (MCQ), including 5 sections. Each section contains a set of 30 questions.
    • There will be no negative marking in the Kerala TET exam.

Solve Previous Year's Question Papers:

    • Aspirants can easily identify your weaker and stronger areas through the previous year's question papers. During the main exam, you can easily find out which portion you need to attend first.
    • In most of the TET exams 10 to 12 questions are repeated from previous years' papers, so practicing more and more questions of Kerala TET will prove helpful.

Try to Attempt Mock Tests & Practice Papers Regularly:

    •  Practice papers will help make the exam familiar on the day of the examination.
    •  Because of the shortage of time, keep practicing with the mock for the best utilization of time.
    •  A mock test will help you to enhance your confidence.
    •  KTET Quiz will also help you identify your weaker sections.

Focus on Your Weak Points:

    • Everyone has some good points and some weak points, so if you are weak in any section, try to focus more on that section.
    • Try to solve practice papers to know what your weak areas are.
    • If you are good in some area, you can leave it just for the last-minute revision but give more attention to that area in which you are not perfect.

Take a Break:

    • Do not overburden yourself. Recreational breaks are a necessity to refresh your mind. Try to take some breaks in between study time.
    • Take regular sleep and proper care of your diet. Without rest and a healthy diet, your brain won't be able to focus correctly.

Memorize Scientific Concepts and Formulas: You'll need to recall a lot of formulas for the Arithmetic section. Once you've grasped the principles, practice and memorize them by heart. With enough practice and smart planning, the formulas can be worked out in your head.

Avoid Guesswork: If you are uncertain about a question then it's better to leave that and solve the ones in which you are confident.

Eat Healthy Food: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. When you take healthy food, it cleans and detoxes your body and makes your body and stamina stronger, so it is advised to all candidates to please try to take good and healthy food it gives you energy to ace your goals.

Identify and Improve Your Weak Sections: Because the majority of the topics are based on a fundamental high school syllabus that you have already studied, you can identify which topics you are good at and which you are poor in as you progress through the syllabus. Identify your weaker areas and begin focusing on them more so that you can score good marks.

Kerala TET Qualifying Marks

To devise an effective KTET preparation strategy, one must first assess the KTET exam's qualifying marks. The exam's qualifying marks and marking scheme are outlined in the following points:

  • You can attempt all 150 questions because there is no negative marking in the KTET 2022.
  • If you belong to the general category, you need to score 90 out of 150 marks to qualify for the Kerala TET 2022.
  • If you belong to the reserved category, you need to score 82 out of 150 marks to qualify for KTET.
  • Kerala TET does not have any sectional cutoff, so you need not be afraid of any specific section.

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Best Books for KTET Preparation

We must choose the best books for KTET preparation that have authentic sources from credible Authors. The following are some of the best books for KTET preparation 2022:

Books for KTET Preparation

Author's/Publication’s Name

Child Development and Pedagogy


Quantitative Aptitude 

R.S. Aggarwal

English Language

Geeta Sahni

Social Studies

Disha Publication

Hindi Bhasha

Diamond Power Learning

The above-given information will help you to strategize your KTET preparation. All the information and points are shared with you by the candidates and our subject matter experts who have appeared in several TETs and other teaching exams. We hope you find the above information to be helpful.

KTET Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Knowing the KTET syllabus and carefully examining each of the topics is the first and most significant stage in the KTET preparation process. This will assist you in determining which topics demand more preparation time so that you can plan accordingly. The exam's most important topics should be fully examined.

  • BYJU’s Exam prep offers the best app for KTET preparation. Candidates are encouraged to download it right away to help them prepare for the KTET exam.

  • No, coaching institutes are not mandatory to prepare for the KTET exam. In the past, several students have achieved good marks by self-preparation. By doing self-study, you should also look into the KTET preparation strategy given above for passing the exam on your first attempt.

  • According to the KTET preparation strategy, there is no fixed time limit. A devoted and thorough preparation period of at least 5 months is essential to achieve good marks. It may differ from one person to another.

  • The KTET assesses candidates' accuracy and speed. As a result, time management is essential for success in the exam. Remember not to spend too much time on one question, instead, start with the section you know best and leave time for revision. Giving KTET mock tests might help you develop time management skills while you're studying.

  • You should start your KTET preparation by thoroughly examining the KTET syllabus and exam pattern. The KTET preparation strategy must include following selecting appropriate books and learning resources based on the syllabus and allocating time to each section.

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