Best Books for Super TET 2023 Exam Preparation

Best Books for Super TET 2023 Exam Preparation

ByAshish Kumar  |  Updated on: Apr 11, 2023
SUPER TET books are an important source to prepare for the exam in the best possible way. Candidates are advised to include the best books for SUPER TET in their preparation to move ahead on the path of success.

Candidates aspiring to take the upcoming exam should be aware of the Super TET books that are important for their preparation. The right books provide the right content to prepare for the exam in an easy way. Hence it is important to have a Super TET booklist to prepare for the exam in a good manner.

Super TET Books 2023 can add value to the preparation of the candidate if they use it in the right way. Candidates are advised to start their preparation with the best books only. Check more details related to SuperTET Books for various subjects below.

Super TET Books 2023

As SUPER TET is a highly competitive exam, books can play an important role in getting through it. There are so many Super TET books available in both online and offline markets. It might create confusion for candidates to choose the best book for them. Candidates can drive through this post to know about the best Super TET books.

Candidates should choose only SUPER TET best books as it will help them to understand each and every topic of the paper easily and master the topics of the exam. One should choose the best SUPER TET 2023 books keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Books that cover the entire syllabus.
  • Books that have question papers of 2-3 years.
  • Books that have a large set of practice papers.
  • Books that are up to date and contain authentic content.
  • Books recommended by the selected candidates.

Best Books for Super TET 2023 (All Subjects)

A strong foundation is required to build any structure. Similarly, to score good marks in the exam, strong basics will always help. Super TET Books help the candidates to clear the basic concepts. This helps them to strengthen their exam preparation. Candidates must choose only Super TET best books to clear their view about what to study and what not to study from the exam point of view.


Book Name

Child Development & Pedagogy

S.K.Mangal, P.D.Pathak, Educational Psychology(Shiksha Manovigyan) by Dheer Singh Dhabhai, Class XIth & Class XIIth N.C.E.R.T. Psychology Books


R.S.Aggarwal, Daksh, Upkar


Lucent Publication, Daksh, Upkar

S.S.T. (Social Science Studies)

Arihant Publication, Upkar, Rai Social Studies


Lakshya, Nimisha Bansal


Lucent, Anupama, PCP Dharohar

General Knowledge & General Awareness

Arihant publication, Manorama Yearbook 2023


Lucents, Anupama, Upkar

Environmental Science

Drishti, Garuda, Sikhwal by N.M.Sharma & Vandna Joshi


Arihant, Upkar, R.S Aggarwal

Life skill Management & Aptitude

Dr. K. Ravikant Rao, Neelkamal

Information Technology

Sikhwal, Sanjay Kumar

Why refer these Books for Super TET Exam?

Good books are essential for the right preparation and the above-mentioned books help prepare for the exam well. These are some of the Super TET Best Books that include the proper topics of each subject as per the exam. The books are best because of the following reasons:

  • These are exam-specific books that cover all the major topics of the exam.
  • These Super TET Books are based on the latest Super TET exam pattern and syllabus.
  • The books are quality books that contain questions for practice.
  • The books also have Super TET Previous Year Question Papers for practice.
  • These are some of the best Super TET books suggested by subject matter experts
  • These books are easy to understand in terms of the language used in the books.

How to Choose Super TET 2023 Books?

There are so many books for the exam. Candidates must only choose the best Super TET books because they can facilitate all the subject matter in one place for the right preparation. Some points to consider while choosing Super TET Books are as follows:

  • The books must provide authentic information on the topic to be studied.
  • The books include all the topics of the Super TET syllabus.
  • The books must have question papers and mock tests for practice.
  • The books must be from authentic sources, authors, and publications.
  • The books must be easy to understand.

Note: The books must be from the list of Super TET Best Books as suggested by the experts and other students.

Super TET Books FAQs

  • Candidates should always choose the best book for Super TET for proper preparation. Some of the best books for the exam are as follows:

    • General Science by Lucent
    • English with Nimisha Bansal
    • Life Skill Education by Dr. K. Ravikant Rao, Neelkamal
    • Manorama Yearbook 2023 by Arihant publication for general knowledge
  • Choosing the best books is critical for effective exam preparation. Candidates must carefully select the best books for Super TET preparation because the right choice can assist them in mastering the major topics of the question paper. Candidates must select a book that contains:

    • Precise and easy-to-understand topic
    • All the major topics of the exam
    • Topics that are included in the syllabus
    • Practice papers and Super TET mock test
  • Candidates can use the books to prepare their exam notes for last time preparation. Most of the Super TET books also contain previous year question papers and mock tests which are helpful in learning time management skills for the exam.

  • There are several books for a single subject for Super TET preparation. It is important to select the best book because these books include the detailed matter of a single topic thus negating the need to study from various sources.

  • Candidates can refer to 1 to 3 books on a particular subject for gaining a deep understanding of a topic. Rather than reading from different sources, it is always a good idea to select the best Super TET books that cover all the details of a particular topic.

  • Candidates can include Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal for the best preparation of Reasoning for the Super TET exam. This is a book that includes an explanation of all the subject matter of reasoning in the best possible manner.

  • Sanskrit by Lucent is best for preparation for Sanskrit for the Super TET exam. The book covers all the basic concepts along with a set of practice papers to prepare for the exam.

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