New IIMs Interview Experience by Shivam Arora (CAT'16 98.24 percentiler)

By Asakti|Updated : February 22nd, 2017

The selection procedure of 9 New IIMs including IIM Amritsar, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Kashipur, IIMRaipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Trichy and IIM Udaipur include a common process of WAT (Written Ability Test) and PI (Personal Interview).This process is called as CAP (Common Admission Process). This year CAP was coordinated by IIM Rohtak. We bring you here the excerpt from the interview of Mr. Shivam Arora, CAT'16 98.24 percentiler.  

Can you walk us through the entire procedure that was followed? 

The procedure that is followed by the 9 new IIMs is called Common Admission Process (CAP). This year it was conducted by IIM Rohtak. The procedure was divided into two parts:

  • Written Ability Test (WAT)
  • Personal Interview

Can you elaborate on the WAT process? 

The candidates were allotted 20 minutes for Written Ability Test. The word limit was 300. The topic for WAT was linked to the evolution of mankind and the changes it has brought to flora, fauna, and technology. We also had to sight the examples for the same. 

How many candidates were present for the WAT/PI round?

There were two sessions in a day one morning one and another one in the afternoon. There were in total 80 candidates in my slot, which was the afternoon one. There were 10 panels in my slot and every panel had 8-10 candidates. 

How was your interview experience?

There were three panelists who were taking the interview. Before me, the candidate who came out was literally sweating. When I entered the room, I was being offered water by the panelists and I gave them the file containing the certificates which I was carrying with me. They had my personal details form and they started asking me questions. 

Noticing that I am a chemical engineer, they asked me about fission and fusion. I answered outlining the difference between the two. Then they asked me about which procedure is used in Hydrogen Bomb. I was not pretty sure but I answered that most nuclear bombs use fission process. But, after the interview, I search for the correct answer which came out to be that only hydrogen bomb uses the procedure of fusion rest in all other bombs the procedure of fission is used. 

Then they jumped to another question and asked me about rockets, which process do we use in rockets? I answered that rockets do not involve either of the procedure, in fact in rockets the process of propulsion is used. And then I explained the entire procedure. 

The next panelist asked me the place where I belong to. On answering that I belong to Kanpur, the panelist asked me to outline the things for which Kanpur city is famous. To which my reply was Leather Industry. Moving on he asked me for the problems which were being faced by the leather industry. I answered that the tanneries are being shut down due to the pollution they are creating in the environment and the river Ganga. Then they asked about the unavailability of the waste disposal system. SO, I explained about the cost efficiency of the plant and other points. Their next question was, as a manager how would I solve this problem. To which my explanation was: Create a single disposing system and would connect all the tanneries to that. The capital investment of the asset can be done with the government subsidy and the working capitals can be distributed within the companies. So, that there will be no much increase in the variable cost of product and we will find a common solution. To which they asked few other questions. 

Meanwhile, the third panelist was a lady. She was going through my certificates. She asked me about my interest in dance as I was having various certificates of dance. I also told her about my interest in traveling. To this, they asked me questions about some dance forms, which luckily I was knowing about and I answered. They also asked me about a place in India where are the largest number of types of flowers found. I was able to answer this question as well. 

They also asked me about some questions on Ganga Action Plan. 

With this, they closed my interview and I was being offered cookies kept on a plate in front of them. The entire interview went on for 10-12 minutes. 

What do you think can be a challenge in the interview of new IIM?

The main point is, when you talk about your interest like in my case it was dance and traveling. Here is the place where major challenge appears, as dance is a very vast field, there are chances that you might not know the question which they will ask. 

Any advice you want to give to the candidates who are yet to give their interviews?

Most of the candidates panic in the interview. ou just need to focus on the interview and keep your calm. The panelists check the patience and the confidence level of the candidates. Along with that as there are many chances that they will go through your certificate file, so keep that well arranged. You may add less number of certificates, but don't add those of which you are not sure. Be clear with your interest part and your current working scenario if you are a working professional. having you are a fresher in that case you need to be clear with your academics. All the best! 

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