TISSNET Preparation: Expert's Tips, Complete Strategy & Books to Prepare TISSNET 2023

TISSNET Preparation: Expert's Tips, Complete Strategy & Books to Prepare TISSNET 2023

ByAditi Joshi  |  Updated on: Mar 6, 2023
Check here the detailed section-wise TISSNET Preparation 2023 strategy along with the best books for each section. Get experts' tips and strategies on How to Prepare for TISSNET in last minute.

TISSNET Preparation is the process by which the candidates can cover the entire syllabus and other important topics on time. How to Prepare for TISSNET is the most common question for all aspiring candidates, as everybody wants to get the best strategy to ace this exam with a good score. As per the expert’s opinion, the candidates should start their TISSNET Preparation 2023 as early as possible to ensure that they have completed all the chapters and topics. 

The candidates may know that TISS Mumbai conducts a course-specific exam to shortlist the candidates for M.A Admission in different programmes. So the candidates must start TISSNET Preparation 2023 strategically for all the exam sections. Here, you will get all the details regarding How to Prepare for TISSNET 2023, including the study plan and section-wise preparation strategy.

General Tips for TISSNET Preparation 2023

TISSNET Exam is a national-level MBA Entrance Exam conducted by TISS Mumbai for M.A admission in different programs. If you crack TISSNET, you will get an opportunity to study any of the TISS Campuses in India. It is a highly competitive exam, and the candidates must follow an effective and strategic TISSNET Preparation plan to ace this exam with a good score. Below are some basic tips for completing TISSNET Syllabus comprehensively and on time.

  • Practice chapter-wise questions and sample papers during TISSNET Preparation to know the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and devote yourself completely to TISSNET 2023 Preparation.
  • Make a study timeline and divide it for the section-wise TISSNET Preparation 2023.
  • Go through the TISSNET Exam Pattern first. Note that there is no negative marking in the TISSNET. Check the table below to get a basic idea about the chapters and section-wise question distribution with TISSNET Cut Off.

Exam Section

Total Number of Questions

TISSNET Total Marks

Sectional Cut-Off

English Proficiency




Mathematics and Logical Reasoning




General Awareness



GN, EWS, KM, and AF- 35% i.e., 14 Marks.

PWD and OBC(NC)- 30% i.e., 12 Marks

SC and ST- No sectional cut-off will be applied

Section Wise TISSNET Preparation Tips and Strategy

In order to prepare for the upcoming TISSNET 2023, the candidates must follow a strategic TISSNET Preparation policy for every section and chapter of the exam. Besides knowing the syllabus, conceptual clarity is also important to clear cut-offs of the TISSNET Exam. To get the answer to your query regarding How to Prepare for TISSNET 2023, candidates can refer to the below-mentioned section-wise TISSNET Preparation strategies.

  • English Proficiency: This section deals with grammar, RC Passages, Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Completion of the Sentence, Word Choice, etc. This section tests the candidate’s knowledge of the English language. So work on basic English language and grammar skills during TISSNET Preparation 2023
  • Mathematical and Logical Reasoning: This section tests candidates’ numerical skills, including mathematical calculation. Check all the chapters related to Mathematics, including Arithmetic, Algebra, and others, to score well in this section. Note Logical Reasoning concepts for Tables and graphs also during TISSNET Preparation.
  • General Awareness: To complete this section effectively, be prepared for all the topics related to static GK and current affairs.

TISSNET Preparation 2023 for English Proficiency

The candidates need to practice repeatedly to ace the English Proficiency section of this exam during TISSNET Preparation. Practicing is essential to build a good grip on English Grammar, Vocabulary Skills, and Reading Comprehension. Below are some expert-recommended tips on How to Prepare for TISSNET English Proficiency section.

  • Read novels, magazines, and newspapers like TOI, Economist, and The Hindu to enhance your word stocks. It will help you to grip the English Vocabulary.
  • Always maintain a diary to note every uncommon word with its meaning and its usages in the sentences during TISSNET Preparation 2023.
  • Utilize your free time by revising your studied concepts and notes.
  • Try to make sentences of your own with the words you have learned during TISSNET Preparation.
  • Practice at least 3 RC Passages every day to increase your solving speed and confidence during TISSNET Preparation.
  • Making sentences should be the choice of TISSNET aspirants. If they start making sentences with their newly learned words, they will become more confident in solving the English section in this exam.
  • Solve puzzles during TISSNET Preparation 2023 on English Words to enhance cognitive thinking. It will help you to ensure a good grasp of English grammar and Vocabulary.
  • Attempt BYJU'S Exam Prep TISSNET Online Test Series to practice each chapter in an exam-like environment.

Important Topics to be Covered in TISSNET Preparation for English

There is no defined syllabus for TISSNET English Proficiency Section. After analyzing the previous years' questions, BYJU'S Exam Prep Experts have listed the following relevant topics that the aspirants should cover at the time of TISSNET Preparation 2023. These topics are indicative and not restricted.

  • Word Choice/sentence correction
  • Odd-one-out
  • Analogies
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Grammar
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Reading comprehension

TISSNET 2023 Preparation for Mathematical and Logical Reasoning

Candidates must have conceptual clarity for different mathematical formulas, theorems, and Logical Reasoning rules to ace this section with a good score. Note the below points to get the expert's tips on TISSNET Preparation 2023 for the Mathematical and Logical Reasoning Section.

  • Always try new approaches to solve Logical Reasoning problems by reading books and study materials.
  • Teach others what you have learned about mathematical formulas because it will help you in revision.
  • Solve TISSNET Question Paper to understand the question types and difficulty levels.
  • Practice shortcut tricks for calculation instead of step-by-step calculation to save time.
  • Focus on accuracy and speed while TISSNET Preparation to solve the question accurately and quickly.

TISSNET GK Preparation

The General Awareness section of the TISSNET determines the candidate's skills in recent events and current affairs and some static knowledge on different topics. TISSNET Preparation for GK must be given priority as this section has the maximum weightage. Regular revisions are very important as this is the only TISSNET Exam section with the sectional cut-off.

The TISSNET GK section includes topics from both static GK and current affairs. The aspirants must be focused on current happenings to enhance their GK knowledge while doing TISSNET Preparation. They must schedule 1-1:30 hours daily for this section along with a regular revision of previous days' topics. Note that TISSNET Result will be released online by TISS Mumbai, and you have to download it from the official website.

  • A daily habit of reading newspapers like TOI, The Hindu, The Economist, and Telegraph, and good Magazines like Aeon is recommended for TISSNET Preparation 2023 for the General Awareness section.
  • Always keep track of Current affairs, including day-to-day incidents and events.
  • Study books on subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Sports, and Politics to complete the static GK part. Check previous year's TISSNET Analysis and understand the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Solve GK-based questions and attend GK Quizzes while doing TISSNET Preparation to analyze your knowledge.
  • Maintain a diary for important notes to make a quick revision before the exam.

Best Books for TISSNET Preparation 2023

The candidates must follow quality study materials for their TISSNET 2023 Preparation to get a good score. Here are some Best Books for TISSNET Preparation. The candidates can follow these books to be prepared for the upcoming TISSNET 2023.


Author’s Name/Publishers

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Wren And Martin English Grammar

Wren and Martin

The Students’ Companion

Wilfred D Best

Business English and Communication

John O E Clark

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

Norma Lewis

All About Words


8-10th CBSE English Books


How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT

Arun Sharma

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Arun Sharma

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT

Nishit k Sinha

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Gautam Puri

Best Study Material for TISSNET Preparation for General Awareness

Newspapers and magazines are the best study sources for Preparation for TISSNET GK Section. The candidates must have a daily habit of reading different Newspapers to stay updated with all the current events. Below are some important study materials which you can follow while completing TISSNET Preparation for GK Section.

  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Mint
  • The Indian Express
  • Manorama Year Book
  • General Knowledge 2022
  • The Times of India
  • Financial Express

Expert Tips and Tricks to Prepare TISSNET 2023

Our exam experts have highlighted the TISSNET Preparation strategy to ensure that the candidates are able to successfully complete the syllabus in time & achieve their target score. Note the below section to get expert-recommended tips on How to Prepare for TISSNET.

Know the Syllabus and Important Topics

In order to know what to study for TISSNET 2023, the candidates must download the official syllabus of this exam. The TISS Mumbai releases the TISSNET Syllabus for the candidates every year and declares TISSNET Registration Date, process, and fees. The candidates should understand the syllabus and the topics covered in this exam while doing TISSNET Preparation 2023.

Revise Daily

Regular revisions will help aspirants to remember the important facts, formulas, topics, and figures they have studied for TISSNET Preparation 2023. It is very important to build accuracy and confidence in solving the questions. The daily revision will lower your stress, and you can solve the questions without any fear.

Additionally, regular revisions are also important for conceptual clarity. If the aspirants do daily revisions while TISSNET Preparation on what they have studied, they will understand the topics more clearly, which is important to ace this exam in one chance.

Follow a Study Plan

Every candidate must follow a timetable with proper time allocation for every chapter at the time of TISSNET Preparation. It will assist them in comprehending their topic-wise imperfections and help create an organized daily study schedule. It will allow you to assess your study with daily and weekly goals for TISSNET Preparation. Besides, a systematic study plan is also important to limit distractions while studying. But, the aspirants must be aware that they are taking a short break in every hour for mind refreshment.

Solve Previous Years' Questions

After completing the entire syllabus, the aspirants must solve the previous year's question papers to analyze their level of performance for TISSNET Preparation. Attempt BYJU'S Exam Prep online mock test series to get an exam-like experience. Get the list of TISSNET Colleges.

Solving previous years' questions is essential to boost your confidence. You will understand the types, difficulty level, and marking scheme of every question asked in TISSNET 2023. Besides, the aspirants also get an idea of whether they have completed the entire syllabus or not.

Maintain Journal and Make Notes

The candidates must note every uncommon word in a diary with its meanings, antonyms, and usages in the sentences at the time of TISSNET Preparation. It is necessary to memorize the words while solving TISSNET Question Papers. You can also keep a vocabulary journal to revise your word stocks. You can spend your free time studying it to enhance your vocabulary.

TISSNET Preparation 2023: Last Minute Tips

Below are some last-minute preparation tips for TISSNET 2023

  • Don't start any new topic- It is advisable not to study new topics at the last minute. Revise only what you have learned earlier. Studying new topics will increase your anxiety level.
  • Do meditation- If you do meditation in the last few days left, this will increase your concentration level and relax your mind as well, and thus, you'll be able to perform better in your exam.
  • Take proper sleep before the exam- It is always advisable to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day during TISSNET Preparation.
  • Make a proper timetable- Always make a habit of making a timetable in the last few days so you can brush up on all the topics quickly.
  • Do stick to the schedule- The timetable or the target which you have set, always stick to that.
  • Maintain your balance between speed and accuracy- The most important thing while solving the paper is to have a proper balance between speed and accuracy. Set a time frame for each section to help maintain your speed. Accuracy would come only when you solve as many mock test papers as you can.
  • Attempt all the questions- Since in TISSNET, there is no negative marking so, you have the privilege of attempting all the questions.
  • Be Confident- Having confidence in oneself is the key to success. Try to attempt that section first in which you are confident enough to score better. This will not lessen your confidence level.
  • Maintain your health- Try to take good care of your health because no one else would suffer its after-effects. Be calm and take breaks between study time. Don't panic yourself.

FAQs on TISSNET Preparation

  • In order to prepare for TISSNET, the candidates should have complete knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus. So, complete the syllabus first to be prepared for the section-wise chapters for this exam.

  • There are no single books for TISSNET Preparation 2023. You can follow as many books as per your choice. Below are some important books for TISSNET 2023 Preparation.

    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    • Business English and Communication by John O E Clark
    • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma
    • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT by Nishit k Sinha
  • It can not be said. For some aspirants, one year is enough for TISSNET Preparation, while others can not cover the syllabus in one year. So, all you need is an effective preparation strategy, daily revisions, and attempt online mock test series to prepare TISSNET exam.

  • In order to prepare TISSNET in 2 Months, the candidates must complete the topics first, which are very important. Additionally, practice TISSNET Sample Papers after completing each chapter. It will help you to develop conceptual clarity.

  • Yes, the candidates can do TISSNET Preparation at home. Home preparation is the best way to be prepared for the exam in a comprehensive manner. You can also join BYJU'S Exam Prep to get updated study information and tips to prepare them in a scheduled format.

  • Below are the tips that you can follow for TISSNET GK Preparation.

    • Read newspaper daily to enhance your knowledge of CA
    • Attend quizzes regularly
    • Solve GK-based questions
    • Make a note and revise it in your freetime.
  • You must study below topics during TISSNET Preparation 2023 for the English section.

    • Word Choice/sentence correction
    • Odd-one-out
    • Analogies
    • Grammar and 
    • Synonyms & Antonyms
    • Reading comprehension
  • You have to be prepared for 3 sections during TISSNET Preparation:

    • English Proficiency
    • Mathematical and Logical Reasoning
    • General Awareness
  • Below are some expert-recommended TISSNET Preparation tips for the English section.

    • Read novels, magazines, and newspapers
    • Try to make sentences of your own
    • Practice at least 3 RC Passages daily
    • Solve puzzles to enhance your word stocks
  • Note the below points for TISSNET Preparation for the Mathematical and Logical Reasoning Section.

    • Always try new approaches
    • Practice shortcut tricks for calculation
    • Teach others. It will help you to revise the concept you have studied.


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