One-Liner on General Knowledge -(All Teaching Exams)

By Shashi Kant|Updated : January 18th, 2022

One-Liner on General Knowledge

In this article, we should read related to the "One-Liner on General Knowledge" for the upcoming teaching exams i.e. DSSSB, KVS, SuperTET & Other Teaching exams.

In teaching exams, the General Knowledge section plays an Important role as:

  • In DSSSB - 20 questions will be asked in the PRT, TGT & PGT exams.
  • In KVS-  10- 15 questions will be asked in the PRT, TGT & PGT exams.

 Today we are sharing important Static G.K.:-

Important Question on 'General Knowledge'

1. What is the capital of Bulgaria?

Ans:- Sofia

2. What is the currency of Vietnam? 

Ans:- Dong

3. What is the capital of Oman?

Ans:- Muscat

4. The Children Day is being celebrated on ____.

Ans:- November 14

5. Which organization has struck a deal with Chinese tech giant Alibaba to use its technology to help speed up plans around ending world hunger by 2030, under the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)?

Ans:- United Nations World Food Programme

6. UNICEF has signed an agreement with which of the following foundations to strengthen child rights through “meaningful business interventions”?

Ans:- NASSCOM Foundation

7. The book “Bastar Dispatches: A Passage Through the Wilds” has been written by______.

Ans:- Narendra

8. The book “Bebak Baat” has been written by _____.

Ans:- Vijay Goel

9. Who has recently won the special lifetime achievement award from the Music Academy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu?

Ans:- Vikku Vinayakram

10. Who has been awarded the prestigious 2018 IPI India Award for excellence in journalism?

Ans:- Namrata Ahuja

Practice Time

Answer the following question in the Comment Box:

1. What is the capital of Oman?

2. What is the capital of Bhutan?



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