ESE IES EE 2022 Preparation Tips

ESE IES EE 2022 Preparation Tips

ByVineet Vijay  |  Updated on: Feb 10, 2022
Read and go through the ESE IES EE 2022 Preparation tips. Understand the plan for the preparation of the ESE IES EE 2022 exam. Learn important tips for acing the exam.
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Candidates who want to score a good rank in the ESE IES EE exam must prepare a full-proof strategy. For preparing a good exam strategy candidates must go through the given  ESE IES EE preparation tips in order to ace the ESE EE 2022 exam.
In the sections given below, we have provided tips that will also help you to boost your score in the ESE IES EE exam.

ESE EE Preparation Tips

Last week before the ESE exam is the most critical time of the complete preparation phase for a candidate. Everyone is nervous and anxious. An error in this phase can prove to be very costly. To avoid any such situation, proper preparation and a stable mental attitude play a key role in the success of the candidate. In order to achieve success, here are some of the users who will help the students to design their last week preparations for ESE Prelims 2022 for Electrical Engineering.

Plans for Revision for ESE Prelims of EE

We know that there are various subjects varying from conceptual, numerical annd even GS and current affairs. So our plan can be divided in such a way that we can balance all the various aspects of the examination.

  1. Be Prepared with the subjects which you are best at. Keep that subject on your tips. That subject can be a conceptual or numerical subject.
  2. The numerical related subjects like network, signal and system etc should be revised daily as sometimes very subtle and easy questions are asked but due to overlooking of the topic we miss those so avoid that and revise formulae atleast in the last days.
  3. Keep your current affairs revision till the last day before the exam. Becuase whatever you have studied one night before can come in the exam.
  4. Keep the study short duration with full intensity do not take very long sitting as this can affect your mindset.

Subject Wise Plans for Revision for ESE Prelims of EE

To score a good score in IES Electrical engineering, practice more numerical problems in all sections and check out to revise the important derivations before the exam. While answering theoretical questions do mention the important advantages and drawbacks counting on the demand of the questions. Finally, the essential aspect of EE is that the proper usage of symbols and mentioning units accordingly. 

Some Important Tips are added subjectwise in the following: 

  • Network and Signal and System: For ESE Exams Practice the question more and more in Network and Signal and System. Basic questions from the standard books like JB Gupta and Oppenheim's book on Digital Signal Processing are good for revision. Click here to get short notes.
  • Control System: In ESE Exams for Control System use the Nagrath and Gopal book. It is enough to prepare this section of the syllabus. Keep an eye on the error based numerical and various plots and their characteristics. Control System Short Notes
  • Electrical Machines: For Electrical Machines keep your concept ready with a good backing of numerical. PS Bhimbra and Ashfaq Hussian are 2 major sources of quality content. Machines have various tests and they have outcomes, keep them in mind. Click here for Synchronous and DC Machines Short Notes
  • Power Electronics: For Power Electronics keep your graph and VI characteristics in your mind. PS Bhimbra is enough for revision. Use Previous Year Question books for more question-solving practice.
  • Power System: It is another topic that is heavily numerical driven but it has few questions based on the concepts of the transmission and distribution of the power supply. Kothari and Ashfaq Hussain are two good textbooks and use PYQ to solve numerically. Power system Short Notes
  • Digital and Analog Electronics: For ESE Exams this one needs to solve problems from the PYQ as they have a tendency to repeat the concepts. One can use the book of Robert Boylstad for concept clarity if required.
  • Engineering Ethics and Environment Studies: This can also be brushed up with the PYQ questions for ESE Exams.
  • Current Affairs: For this subject try to study the notes you have prepared. Don't study new topics in the end.
  • Computer awareness: This subject can also be easily revised through the PYQs

Basically, to get a good rank in ESE Electrical Engineering, one needs to practise numerical problems and revise derivations and concepts. Always keep an eye on the pros and cons of a topic and keep a mind on the units while mentioning the answer.

Don't Stress Yourself for ESE Prelims of EE

  • Since these are very stressful days before your examination hence please don't stress too much. Try meditation and listen to music if it helps. 
  • Keeping calm is of the utmost importance during these times. Revise your topics and save your energy for the examination day.
  • Keep a positive attitude around yourself. If you have any friends who can pose some negativity try to avoid them during these last days.
  • Keep good care of your health as well as some disease can occur due to stress. Keep yourself hydrated and follow a healthy lifestyle. Increase intake of protein in your diet, this will help.

ESE (IES Exam) EE Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Yes, it is very important to solve ESE EE 2022 Previous Year Questions as through them we can get the sense of what kind of questions are asked in the exam.

  • Just solve the questions and relax yourself , dont stress and keep revising.

  • Yes, you should practice according to the exam duration in the mocks. The exam is of 2 and 3 hours for General Aptitude and Engineering Branch respectively. And follow the ESE EE 2022 preparation tips to score better.


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