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By Arpit Kumar Jain|Updated : March 8th, 2022

One Word Substitution is an important part of the English section for REETUPTETCTETSuper TETDSSSBKVS etc. We can expect at least 2 to 3 questions from the topic of Idioms & Phrase. One word Substitution is an important topic of the English section. 2-3 questions are expected from this topic. 

We are sharing some important One-Word Substitution from the letter 'E' which will very helpful to score good marks in the exam.

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with E

1. Egregious

Meaning in Hindi: पक्का, कट्टर

Meaning in English: That surpasses other

2. Eccentric

Meaning in Hindi: सनकी

Meaning in English: A person with unusual or abnormal behavior.

3. Epilepsy

Meaning in Hindi: मिर्गी का रोग

Meaning in English: A disease that causes a person to fall unconscious

4. Equivocal

Meaning in Hindi: द्वि-अर्थी

Meaning in English: One who uses ambiguous words to conceal the truth

5. Epithet

Meaning in Hindi: उपाधि

Meaning in English:A phrase that refers to the character or quality of somebody or something.

6. Epigram
Meaning in Hindi: चुटकुला

Meaning in English: A pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way

7. Effeminate

Meaning in Hindi: स्त्री स्वभाव वाला

Meaning in English: Having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly

8. Extempore

Meaning in Hindi: बिना तैयारी के
Meaning in English:
spoken or done without preparation.

9. Ephemeral

Meaning in Hindi: क्षणभंगुर

Meaning in English: Lasting for a very short time.

10. Escapist

Meaning in Hindi: पलायनवादी

Meaning in English: The definition of an escapist is someone who escapes from reality and retreats into fantasy.

11. Epilogue

Meaning in Hindi: उपसंहार

Meaning in English: A section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.

12. Endemic

Meaning in Hindi: स्थानीय  रोग

Meaning in English: A disease regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.

13. Epitaph

Meaning in Hindi: समाधि-लेख
Meaning in English: A phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone.


This article tends to be beneficial for the following exams - REETUPTET, CTET, Super TET, DSSSB, KVS, etc.


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